4 Ways You Should be Using LastPass but Probably Aren’t

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If you’re using LastPass as your password manager, you already know how it simply and securely manages all your passwords – so you don’t need to remember them. And now that you’re using it, you can’t imagine how you survived before. Right? Well, there are other LastPass features that are just as helpful. Here are four to help you get more out of LastPass.

Unlock the LastPass app with your fingerprint

When you’re on the go, you don’t want the apps on your phone slowing you down. That’s why the LastPass mobile app for Android and iOS lets you log in with your fingerprint. You can customize the time limit when you want the password app to lock, and then you can just unlock it with your finger!

Generate Passwords you can Pronounce

In addition to managing your passwords, the LastPass password generator provides strong passwords based on criteria you select – like length, special characters required, etc. Usually, it’s great that these passwords are impossible to remember – because LastPass remembers them for you. However, there are certain instances where you do need to remember your password. For example, to log in to your work computer. For these few instances, it’s nice to have a password you can pronounce, and therefore actually remember. To create one of these, simply use the password generator and select the “Make Pronounceable” checkbox. You’ll still have a strong password, but also one you can remember.

Emergency Access

With the Emergency Access feature, you can give trusted family and friends access to your LastPass account in the event of an emergency or crisis. Your designated Emergency Access contact can request access to your account and securely receive the passwords and notes without knowing your master password.

Upload Documents

LastPass users can add documents, PDF files and images as attachments to Secure Notes. It’s not smart to save private documents unencrypted on your machine, and saving them in LastPass allows you to access them anywhere while keeping them safe. For example, if you’re traveling, be sure to upload a copy of your passport. Or if you’re buying a house, you can save copies of the electronic documents from the bank to LastPass Secure Notes.

See? Now that you know about these features, could you imagine not using them? Do you use LastPass as more than just a password manager? If you’re a long-time user, what are some of your favorite less-known features?

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  • Daniel Faigin says:

    I always use the pronounceable passwords, but then condition them further: doing substitutions of letters for numbers, some special character substitutions, and putting random special characters between phonemes. It would be really nice if the password generator did this for me if I choose pronouncable and including special characters and digits. For example NcyphiNEWoreSCONy would become Ncyph1!NEWore!SC0Ny