Recommend LastPass for a Free Upgrade 

We’re nearing the end of the year, and that means the season of giving is upon us. For many of us, that means lending friends and loved ones a helping hand or giving them a thoughtful gift.  

As you think of ways to help others this year, why not consider the gift of effortless security with LastPass? 

An Easier Way to Change Bad Habits 

Maybe you’ve been warning family and friends that it’s time to take cyber security seriously. With all of the data breaches in the headlines this year, maybe you’re worried that loved ones will fall victim to scams or hacks.  

Or maybe you’re just tired of hearing complaints from a certain disorganized someone about how annoying passwords are and how they can never remember the right password for their accounts. 

Habits are hard to change. If you want your friends and family to take their password security seriously, show them how a password manager makes it so much easier. Let them see how LastPass remembers every password for you, generates new ones on-the-spot, and keeps you organized and safe throughout the year. Explain how a password manager will save them time, eliminate stress, and help them take back control of their online security.  

Recommend LastPass, Get Free Premium 

To help friends, family, even coworkers get started with a password manager, just send them a note inviting them to try LastPass. If they sign up, both you and your recipient get one month of LastPass Premium. You can earn up to a full year of Premium by referring friends to LastPass! 

With a Premium credit, you and your recipient will enjoy added benefits, including: 

  • Convenient password sharing: Whether you’re co-managing household bills with a partner or giving a roommate access to your video streaming service, password sharing needs to be simple and secure. Share a password with as many people as you need, and keep track of who has access to what. 
  • Peace of mind with emergency access: No one wants to expect the worst, but advanced planning can save loved ones a lot of stress. Give trusted family or friends access to your vault in the event of an emergency, so they can access the information they need at the right time. 
  • Increased file storage: LastPass can encrypt more than passwords. From copies of passports to driver’s licenses to insurance cards, LastPass is a safe place to store digital copies of important documents. You’ll expand the amount of storage space you have with LastPass Premium. 

Give the Gift of Effortless Security 

If you know someone who could benefit from effortless security in 2018 (and don’t we all), be sure to share LastPass. Don’t let passwords cost your loved ones any more in lost productivity, unnecessary stress, and added confusion. With full access to the best of LastPass, you can help your loved ones save time while giving their security a boost. We promise, they’ll thank you later! 

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