Updates to LastPass Enterprise: Control for Admins and the Experience Employees Want 

Today, we’re excited to introduce new features that make implementing and managing a business password solution even easier. In conversations throughout the year, we heard our admins ask for more automated integrations, more admin controls, and simplified management of both work and personal credentials. Our updates take an important step in better integrating with – and leveraging – the technology your company already has in place, so you can achieve your security goals faster. We think you, and the employees you support, will love the power and flexibility of our new LastPass Enterprise features.  

Onboard and offboard users from your Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Okta directory 

As an IT admin, you’ve already invested in systems and software to support your company. When choosing a password manager, you need a solution that not only plugs into those existing systems, but also helps you better leverage them. By integrating with your chosen Identity Provider (IdP), we’re helping you deploy faster, reduce security risks, and centralize oversight of employee authentication. 

Today, we’re announcing two new directory integrations for LastPass Enterprise: Microsoft Azure AD and Okta. A lightweight SCIM API syncs the status of users managed in your Azure AD or Okta, automatically onboarding them to LastPass and offboarding in real-time. Manage the entire employee lifecycle in LastPass so you can instantly grant and revoke employee access to passwords, as dictated by your preferred user directory. 

The addition of Azure AD and Okta gives you a suite of choices in deploying LastPass to your organization. Benefits include: 

  • Centralized onboarding for automatic account creation in LastPass when employees join 
  • One-click offboarding to immediately remove access to LastPass when employees leave
  • Automation with groups to apply permissions and grant shared access in LastPass 

See our admin documentation for more information on our directory integrations. 

The updated Directory integrations tab in the admin dashboard now features Azure AD and Okta for user provisioning.

New policy automatically sorts work and personal passwords

LastPass has long solved the password problem both at work and at home. By linking a personal LastPass account to a work LastPass account, LastPass is the only password manager that gives users complete control over their personal data while admins can still protect company passwords and ensure employees don’t walk away with access. 

Now, with a new policy for auto-sorting sites when an employee has a linked account, you can make sure work and personal passwords end up in the right vault, without imposing on the privacy of personal employee credentials. By detecting the email address used as the username when an employee registers for a new site, LastPass can automatically sort credentials to the right vault – work or personal. Employees no longer have to think about choosing the right vault, and admins know that work and personal credentials end up in the right place. 

LastPass automatically sorts personal credentials to the personal linked account, so work and home stay completely separate.

New role allows customization of admin dashboard permissions 

One of the golden rules of security is to give someone the minimum level of access they need to get their job done. When it comes to managing LastPass Enterprise, our admins asked for more flexibility in designating access to the admin dashboard for day-to-day management of LastPass. 

Now, we’ve added a custom helpdesk admin role, so that you can delegate less-privileged access to IT helpdesk staff – or even other staff members – so they can help employees with LastPass and complete basic upkeep tasks from the LastPass admin dashboard.  

With roles for super admin, admin, and now the custom helpdesk admin, you have the flexible admin permissions you need when deploying and managing LastPass in your company.  

See our admin documentation to learn more about configuring admin permissions.

Under Advanced Options, configure as many “roles” as-needed to give others less-privileged access to the admin dashboard.

Gift employees LastPass to take home 

Given that employee passwords are often reused in the workplace, improving password behavior at home translates directly to better corporate security. Now, you can give employees the power to secure their digital life with a 21st century employee benefit: A LastPass Premium upgrade for a personal LastPass account. Add LastPass Premium as a Perk to your Enterprise purchase and make an investment in your employee’s personal security. You can’t control your employees’ personal passwords, but you can give them the tools to better manage them. We make it easy for employees to redeem your gift and enjoy the benefits. Contact our Sales team to learn more today. 

With your Premium as a Perk package, a co-branded landing page makes it easy for employees to redeem their company-sponsored LastPass upgrade.

The perfect password solution for IT – and employees 

We’re proud to make password security even more effortless with the latest updates to LastPass Enterprise. Most importantly, we’re excited to give you what you need to successfully change password behavior in your business. 

The truth is, better password security can’t wait. When 81% of breaches are caused by poor passwords, and the average employee may struggle with 191 passwords, the time to act is now.  

Over 33,000 organizations worldwide, from today’s most innovative small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, are using LastPass to solve their password problems. Because when we integrate seamlessly with your environment and help you take back control with a password manager that’s easy for employees to use, you have all you need to successfully transform password security, company-wide. 

We invite LastPass Enterprise admins to learn more about these new features and how to take advantage of them on our upcoming webinar. 

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