When Security Turns into a Job Perk

Who doesn’t like a good company perk? Whether it’s a store discount or free pizza, job perks increase job satisfaction and retention, and usually cost a lot less than major benefits like healthcare. Case in point, before I interviewed for my job here at LogMeIn I did what most other job seekers do – I checked out the company’s benefits.

I liked what I saw. Things like Innovation Hackathons, pet insurance, and free Diet Coke. And most importantly: a password management tool.

Sure, we just so happen to develop this particular perk in-house, but with our latest LastPass Enterprise launch, we’re now offering our business customers the opportunity to share this perk with their employees as well.

People Are the New Perimeter

The reality is, no matter what you do to lock down your network and data, all it takes is one well-intentioned employee to inadvertently compromise everything you work so hard to protect. Like it or not, in the world of security, people are the new perimeter and you are only as safe as your weakest password.

It’s not a stretch to say that password behavior outside the office can have massive consequences for your business as well. Consider employees who reuse passwords across their work and personal accounts. You know it’s happening, but what can you do to stop it? One of the most effective ways to engage and educate your employees about security is making it personal and useful.

If you’re going to make the smart move to password management for your business, take one more step and offer a free LastPass Premium account for each employee to manage and secure their personal sites and logins.

Why Password Management As-a-Perk?

First, we all have work-related and personal accounts that require passwords. There’s often crossover when it comes to apps like Dropbox and Google Drive, meaning we use them at home and at work. We like convenience, and we like having more things available in fewer places, including password vaults.

Second, what we learn on the job can often help us do something better in our personal lives. Teach your employees about security on the job, and they can do a better job with security at home. Give them a free password management tool and they’ll stop reusing the same password for multiple accounts (think Dropbox and Google Drive) and start using smarter, stronger passwords that are unique to each other.

Third and final, it’s not another BYOD headache for IT. Admins can put policies and controls in place to ensure work credentials stay put even after the employee leaves. It also gives employees a backup plan with digital copies of important documents and emergency access to their account in the event of a crisis.

The Work Perk Your Employees Want

Help your employees get better at security with good password habits that apply to every part of their lives. LastPass Premium as-a-Perk offers your employees:

  • A separate vault to store all of their personal passwords
  • A password generator to create strong, unique credentials
  • Access to passwords on all their devices

Ultimately, a password manager offers your employees peace of mind when it comes to their online security, which is critical in a year where more than four billion logins have been stolen.

LastPass Premium will enable your employees to do a much better job at protecting their personal identities and assets (and their family’s too), and in turn, also do a much better job at helping you protect your IT infrastructure and all that important data you need to keep out of harm’s way.