LastPass Reveals 8 Truths about Passwords in the New Password Exposé 

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Today, we’re releasing a LastPass first. Our new report, The Password Exposé, takes a deep-dive into the everyday reality of workplace passwords. Through aggregated, anonymized data from companies using LastPass, we measured the true scale of password problems faced by the average business.

We’ve gone beyond what people say about their passwords, to reveal how real employees are actually using them in their day-to-day work.

Passwords are a dangerous but largely ignored threat.

81% of confirmed data breaches are due to passwords. Yet despite the alarming news cycle, too many businesses are failing to respond to the threat, with 61% of IT executives relying exclusively on employee education.

What businesses really lack is knowledge about passwords: the number employees are using, when they’re shared, and just how dangerous they are when not protected with the right technology.

191 passwords? You heard that right.

We found the average employee using LastPass is managing 191 passwords. Not 10, not 50 – an average of 191.

We all have a general sense that we have too many passwords to remember, but actual LastPass usage highlights just how alarming the password situation is. And our report reveals 7 other shocking truths about the state of passwords in the workplace.

Can You Spot the Lie Among Two Truths?

Are you ready to put your password security knowledge to the test? We’ve collected two truths and a lie below – can you spot the fake?

  1. About 40% of businesses enable multi-factor authentication.
  2. 78% of IT execs say they do not have complete control over cloud apps.
  3. The average employees shares 4 passwords with others.

Read the full report to find out the answer!

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