Customer Spotlight: Password Sharing Is Key for Redbility 

Let’s say you work for a marketing agency. Every day, your team juggles projects for several clients. Every project requires the use of various apps and services to share ideas, track deliverables, send documents, develop products, and publish final works. To keep everyone in the loop on those activities, the team needs to make sure people have access to those apps and services.  

Giving people access requires sharing passwords both internally among the staff working on each project, and externally with the clients themselves. How do you keep track of that many passwords to that many accounts? How do you ensure that only the right people have access, and remove them when they no longer need it? The last thing you want is an employee walking away with a client’s passwords. How can you accomplish all that in a way that’s convenient, but still secure?  

The Password Sharing Struggle 

Redbility is doing just that with LastPass. We recently chatted with the team at the award-winning digital strategy company headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Though they’re only a team of 30, Redbility clients include big-name brands like Nestle, Heineken, eBay, and Telefónica. And working with those high-profile clients means providing reliable safeguards to keep their sensitive information under wraps. 

“We design digital products for corporations with very sensitive information that cannot be disclosed under any circumstance,” says Mario Sánchez García, Owner and Creative Director at Redbility. “LastPass allows us to achieve the data protection requirements demanded by the contracts we commit to.”  

Before, the Redbility team struggled to keep track of shared passwords when upwards of 50 people would work on a single project. They also used an easily-guessed pattern for creating new passwords so they were easy to remember. Plus, passwords would be shared through insecure channels like WhatsApp and email because there was no easy alternative. But with growing concerns over confidentiality and privacy, Mario sought out a solution and chose LastPass for its convenient, secure password sharing capabilities. 

Secure Password Sharing, Made Easy 

Now, every employee uses LastPass, and every password is randomized. When projects wrap up, shared credentials can be revoked and rotated. By ensuring project members are only given access to the information they truly need to get the job done, and by making sure passwords are only ever stored and shared encrypted through LastPass, Mario now feels confident that his team has the proper controls in place to keep client information secure and private. 

Password sharing doesn’t have to be complicated, or insecure. Whether sharing passwords among a small team, or coordinating with large numbers of clients, partners, and vendors, LastPass offers flexible password sharing options built with the control businesses need and the convenience users want.  

The full case study is available for download so you can tell others in your organization about the benefits of LastPass Enterprise, too.

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