Small Changes Bring Big Wins in Usability & Retention

It’s been a summer of change for LastPass, not just for families and personal users, but for businesses and employees as well. Whether you’re using LastPass at home or at work, your need for convenient password storage and strong security is the same. LastPass’ ability to save passwords and intelligently pull them up when you go back to that site is at the core of what we do. It allows people to stop remembering passwords, create stronger ones, and ensure peace of mind when it comes to online security.

Earlier this year, we started rolling out an improved experience for saving and logging in to sites that makes LastPass even easier to use. Since making these changes for Free and Premium users, we’ve seen that new users are 33% more likely to continue using LastPass, and our long-time users agree:

“Applications constantly place requirements on what is an acceptable password, (i.e. special symbols, CAPS, numbers, length, etc), which prohibits me from using passwords that are familiar and easy to remember.  LastPass helps me quickly access the dozens of passwords we use.” – Current LastPass user

Last week, we expanded the rollout of these updates to our Teams and Enterprise customers on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. As we continue to make these changes, one thing remains true – we’re laser focused on updates that make a positive impact on LastPass users and enable them to better manage their passwords and ultimately, their online security.

What’s new and improved?

Our latest updates eliminate friction from the everyday LastPass experience with new designs and updated logic.

Intuitive site saving

Long-time users will recall the green bar that would show at the top of your screen when you saved a new site to your vault. Say goodbye to that green bar! We’ve replaced it with a much more visually appealing card that also incorporates better logic so you’re only saving new sites once. That means no more duplicates in the vault and a more reliable experience overall.

Simple log in

Most interaction with LastPass is through the icon in a username or email address field – called the in-field menu. We’ve refreshed that menu, too. When you’re on a website, click the LastPass in-field icon to see accounts stored for that site, whether there are one or a dozen.  Plus, hover over an account for the ability to copy to clipboard, or edit the information in the vault.

Modern password generation

You’ll also see a new look to our password generator within the in-field menu. When you create a new account and generate a password from that menu, there is a sleek, updated experience that allows you to fill a new password right from the in-field. Or if you want to customize the new password right from the in-field. Or if you want to customize the new password, the options menu is only one click away making it simple to generate in any scenario.

More productivity and security for businesses

We started by rolling out these changes to our personal users and the data spoke for itself. New user retention increased significantly, and overall the number of sites that users are saving to their vaults is up 72%, compared to the previous experience.

When it comes to businesses, these changes mean employees spend less time dealing with password frustrations and more time on valuable work. Most importantly, an easier, more intuitive experience for saving and logging in to sites means quicker employee onboarding and more value out of LastPass as they build it into their everyday workflow, significantly improving the company’s overall security.

This is only the first of many user experience updates to LastPass that positively impacts employees. As we test additional changes, our business customers will benefit from these improvements, too. As always, we’ll contact admins to provide you with everything you need to prepare for the changes.

We hope you enjoy these most recent changes, and if you have any questions at all, our support team is here to help!


  • Cha says:

    Thank you! This is great. I have been using lastpass for a year now. I am ready to upgrade

  • Stew says:

    Thanks for these user interface enhancements. Even if they’re minor, they make a great product even better. One of the reasons I stopped using Roboform was because they never upgraded the interface, so it still looked like it’d been written in the 1990s!