Updates to the LastPass personal lineup

At LastPass, we’re always working to make our password manager easier to use, more intuitive, and most importantly, keep your personal information safe. Following the big news about our improved user experience and LastPass Families, today we’re announcing a new pricing and packaging update to the personal lineup of products.

LastPass Personal Lineup What’s Changing?

When looking at the three solutions side-by-side, there are a few changes we’d like to call out. Here’s what you need to know:

Families is coming soon
As we announced a few weeks ago, LastPass Families will be available for purchase for $48 per year (includes licenses for up to 6 users) later this summer and offers unlimited shared folders for flexible sharing options with spouses, kids, and others. When Families is available, our Premium customers will be given the opportunity to try Families for 6 months, free of charge.

The best password manager for individuals
LastPass Premium is now available for $24 per year and includes all the features in Free, plus emergency access, the ability to share single passwords and items with multiple people, priority tech support, advanced multi-factor authentication, LastPass for applications, and 1GB of encrypted file storage.
Please note, existing Premium customers will maintain all previous sharing capabilities via their one shared folder.

A few changes to free
While LastPass Free continues to offer access on all browsers and devices and the core LastPass password management functionality, unlimited sharing and emergency access are now Premium features. Free users will be able to share one item with one other individual.
Please note, existing Free users who currently have an emergency contact selected will continue to have access to this feature.  

LastPass remains the top-rated and most affordable personal password manager available in the market today. We want to empower users like you to take back control of your passwords and your online security. This lineup gives you the foundation to do so, from keeping track of your own passwords to managing and securing your family’s digital life.

Our team is always fielding comments from users and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and evolve the product so LastPass provides you with an effortless user experience and a security model you can rely on.