Organizing Your Life in the New LastPass

When you think “password manager,” you probably think “passwords.” Storing, organizing, generating, filling – doing all those tedious password tasks, with ease.

But LastPass does more. It’s also your where’s-my-credit-card-again, what’s-my-daughter’s-social-security-number, honey-did-you-change-the-Netflix-password, did-we-have-a-loyalty-card-with-REI manager. It’s an e-wallet, safety deposit box, family file cabinet, and digital legacy manager.

With LastPass, you can easily store all sorts of items you need to keep track of and share. Not only does this reduce the chaos and clutter in your daily life, but puts your information right at your fingertips so you can actually find it and give it to your loved ones when you need to. As part of the improvements we’re rolling out in the coming months, we’re making it easier than ever to organize and use those tidbits of information. Whether it’s shopping online, booking your next family vacation, scheduling doctor’s appointments, or just kicking back with some Netflix, our new and improved LastPass will save you time and give you some digital peace of mind.

Payment Cards, Addresses, and IDs, Oh My
In our new LastPass, it’s easy to add and sort all those details, no matter what item you need to store – a password, address, payment card, bank account, and more. We have over 15 pre-built templates, or you can build-your-own with our custom option. Long-time users will be familiar with this experience, but you’ll notice less clicks and a refreshed, more cohesive look.

If you’re in the vault, you’ll just click the “add” button to quickly select the type of information you want to save.

Or, the extension gives you the same option to quickly “add item” and select the template that matches what you need to store.

We’re working to make more of our items fillable, too. That way, no matter what type of form you’re asked to complete, you can autofill the right information at the right time.

Organize Your Whole Digital Life with LastPass
Putting all those odds and ends in LastPass is a great idea for three simple reasons:

1. They’re encrypted.
Just like the passwords you store in LastPass, the other items you store are scrambled with your master password for safekeeping. That means they’re kept away from prying eyes, and only you have the key to unlock your vault and decrypt that data. Can you say the same of that old notebook?

2. They’re always with you.
You have a lot going on. Work, kids, groceries, chores, bills – life’s a bit messy and never slows down. Why rely on your already-overworked brain to remember all those passwords and other important details? When you store it in LastPass, it’s always there when you need it, no matter where you are.

3. They’re shareable (and ready for emergencies).
Whether it’s a spouse, business partner, parent, child, or anyone you live with or work closely with – chances are you’re going to have to share passwords and other details. LastPass lets you do it in a way that’s safe, and easy for everyone. Easy for you to change the password if you need to, or remove another person’s access. And though we don’t like to think about it, it’s also easy to make sure they can get to those things if the truly unexpected happens.

Once you start storing all those items, it’s hard to imagine life without your handy password (and digital life!) manager.


  • Lynette Coles says:

    Found it first go to secure notes – took a while to find that!

  • Lynette Coles says:

    “If you’re in the vault, you’ll just click the “add” button to quickly select the type of information you want to save.”

    Can’t see where to select type of info i.e. Wi-Fi password or Licence after clicking add button?

  • Rahul Sadarangani says:

    It would be great if you can rename social security number to Government ID depending on the country because your company has a global customer for India we have Aadhar Card which is same as social security number

  • Keep up. Looking forward to more such improvements.

    I love LastPass.