The Life of a Password Troll after LastPass

LogMeIn helps businesses grow by simplifying how people interact with each other and the world around them. LastPass in particular allows people to connect and interact easily and securely.  With this mission, the last thing we want to be known for is putting anyone out of business.  Anyone that is, except a Password Troll.

You know who I mean. The beast enforcing those complex password requirements – 21-digits of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters that must be changed every day.  The one that takes joy in asking for your mother’s maiden name when you forget that crazy password.  Here at LastPass, we thrive on taking the joy out of this Password Troll.

You need a 15-digit password with every type of character under the sun that no human can remember? No problem. LastPass will generate and save that complex password – and automatically fill it in every time.  You never even have to know it.  No more annoying questions to answer when you reset a forgotten password, and no more getting locked out.

While the lives of LastPass users are getting much easier, those Password Trolls are running for the unemployment line. As they look for new lines of income, don’t be surprised if you see these Trolls trying to leverage their core skills – creating hurdles, asking too many questions and making your life more complicated – in new jobs.

Stay tuned for upcoming videos on the life of a Password Troll in the LastPass Era, like the one above with our favorite Password Troll – Malak – trying his hand as a club bouncer.  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter at @lastpass and our Facebook page to catch all the videos as they’re released, as well as an upcoming Password Troll contest.  And finally, keep your eyes open for them in your everyday life; hint, the horns are a dead giveaway.

Update September 5, 2017: The contest has ended. Thank you to everyone that participated!
Update August 30, 2017: The contest is live!
Contest Rules: Official Rules – LastPass Giveaway Password Trolls are Annoying Contest



  • Laura says:

    I’m not sure what I’ve just watched, but I sure love LastPass…|

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the news/suggestions. LastPass definitely makes life easier when accessing secure sites!
    Yes, I see Trolls somewhat regularly in my email trying to disguise themselves as someone legitimate but luckily so far, haven’t seen one trying to find a way to access my Lastpass site. Keeping fingers crossed on that one.
    So far; most Trolls always seem to have a tell-tale that reveals them. Always have to be careful though, and can never say never, I have to admit.