LastPass Public Beta for Android Oreo

By August 21, 2017 Product Updates No Comments

Today, Google officially released Android Oreo—the next major release of the mobile operating system that powers 1.4 billion devices worldwide. Here at LastPass, the hands-down, most-exciting part of Android Oreo is the new Autofill APIs.  Now, users running Android Oreo and LastPass will be able to consistently autofill a broader set of information – credit cards, addresses and more.  In support of this new feature – we are excited to release the public beta of LastPass for Android Oreo.

Autofill More than Passwords
Using LastPass on Android already makes you more secure and saves you time by automatically filling passwords in your browser or your favorite apps. Android Oreo’s Autofill lets us take it a step further – now we’ll be able to help you fill in more than just passwords. The Autofill framework lets LastPass recognize credit card forms and addresses as you come across them. If you’ve got that information stored in your vault, we’ll be able to safely fill it for you.

For example, let’s say you’re treating yourself to a new pair of shoes online. You open your favorite shopping app, and to sign in, you’ll just tap on the screen to unlock LastPass and we’ll show you the matching sites in your vault. You find the item of your choice, put it in your cart, and go to checkout. Do you want to ship to work, or to the house? Tap again, and we’ll present you with the addresses you’ve stored in LastPass. Which credit card do you want to use? Tap again, choose your Visa, and voila, you’re two days away from new shoes. As long as they’re in LastPass, you’ll never have to type an address or a credit card number again.

Performance and Security Improvements
In addition to the time savings, you will see other performance improvements as well. Previously, LastPass relied on Android’s accessibility features to identify password fields we can help you fill. The accessibility approach had two drawbacks: (1) it was processor-intensive, counteracting the time we want to save our users, and (2) it required that users grant us extra permissions. The Android Oreo Autofill framework is purpose-built to allow apps like LastPass to fill eligible forms on a user’s behalf, and nothing else. No extra permissions or processing power required!  We believe strongly in user privacy and security, and we’re happy to see Google introduce this method for safer, more efficient browsing.

Try our Beta Release
Today, we’re excited to announce our first public beta with Android Oreo Autofill support.

Please keep in mind that this is the first release, so there will be some limitations. In particular, Chrome does not yet support the new Autofill API, and some apps that were fillable with our accessibility-based autofill are not yet fillable using the new API. We’re working with Google to iron out the issues as quickly as possible, and will be updating the beta release on a regular basis.

You can opt in at, and let us know what you think through our G+ community: 

We appreciate any and all feedback from those who participate in our Android Oreo beta program and look forward to perfecting the LastPass experience you know and love on this new operating system!