Customer Spotlight: How InsideSales improved efficiency and security with LastPass

Earlier this year, we traveled to Provo, Utah to visit the team at They’ve been using and loving LastPass for over two years now. We spent the day chatting with the team and learning firsthand how they work, while exploring the critical role that LastPass plays in their day-to-day work.

The energy and culture at InsideSales is exciting and contagious. Their modern, industrial workspace is sprinkled with green accent walls and posters with quotes from their own customers, all with epic mountain views outside each window. We loved it!

InsideSales began using LastPass when their Chief Information Security Officer, Dan Wadsworth, joined the company. After using LastPass for many years at home, he recognized that InsideSales would benefit from the convenience and security that LastPass offered, especially the sales reps who were managing an endless number of customer demo accounts.

Today, each employee is given the opportunity to create a LastPass account when they join the company. Many of them use it daily to streamline their work with customers, making access to their sites easier. The effortless experience leaves employees satisfied, and ultimately improves the company’s security posture, which gives Dan more confidence that company information is safe.

Watch the complete story of how InsideSales is using LastPass to keep everyone from IT managers to CISO’s happy and secure.