Be a Safe and Efficient Online Shopper with LastPass

With around 96% of Americans engaging in online shopping, it’s hardly surprising that over 94 million of them end up storing their credit and debit card information on the ecommerce sites they visit. Whether we are buying our groceries, clothes, or the latest tech gadgets online, it has become increasingly important to understand the fundamental aspects of safe and efficient shopping.

Password managers like LastPass prove to be the one-stop solution to fixing insecure and outdated online shopping habits. Thankfully, there are equally as many tools to make the shopping process easy, as there are online shopping sites themselves.

Here’s how LastPass helps:

One place for all your passwords

All of our online shopping comes at a cost – an unmanageable number of accounts. It’s easy to get lost in the jumble of passwords and usernames, thus we are often left scrambling through drawers or notebooks for the password to our latest account. This growing online shopping culture leads many of us to reuse the same password over and over in hopes of remembering them, making our personal information insecure and many of our accounts susceptible to hackers.

With LastPass, you are able to easily place all of your credentials under one private master password – one which is highly secured and available to only you. All of your data is encrypted and stored within a ‘vault’ that ensures protection and privacy to all your accounts. Shopping becomes simple – all you have to do is log in to your LastPass account, and all of your passwords become available to you in just a few clicks.

Strong, unique passwords for all your accounts

Around 41% of internet users choose to create simple, memorable passwords, thus many of us resort to using family names, pets, and even birthdays as a way to secure our accounts. This leaves our private information unprotected, as most of this information is easily accessible online. To solve this problem, LastPass includes a password generator. When creating a new account, simply click on the in-field icon to create a unique and complex password that can stand strong against hackers – and the best part is you don’t even have to remember it! LastPass will remember it for you for next time, so every password can be long, unguessable, and secure.

A home for credit cards and addresses

While online shopping provides easy access to billions of products from our computer screen, we are repeatedly asked to type in our personal information as we shop. This inconvenience is a large reason many of us resort to storing our addresses and payment information on the sites we shop with.

Instead of leaving your private information on websites that may be insecure, LastPass users can save as many cards and addresses in their secure vault as they want, where they are easily accessible and can be filled in one click when you are ready to buy.

Online shopping in one simple click

Once your shopping information – credit card number, shipping address, or other information – is stored in LastPass, you can quickly and easily access it when needed. When prompted to type in your information on a site, you can simply click on the card or address you would like to use and all of the information is automatically filled – easily and quickly. You’ll save time, while feeling confident that your personal information is safer!

As shopping becomes an increasingly-virtual experience, it’s almost inevitable that we will encounter yet another website that demands new login credentials and information. Password managers like LastPass offer a safe and efficient way to deal with the mass of information surrounding our many online purchases, drastically simplifying the ecommerce shopping experience and ensuring information is secure.