New Look & Options for Enterprise User Management

User adoption is key to any successful deployment of a password management solution. Getting a new service in the hands of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of users requires an efficient way to set up accounts and grant users access. Once they’re onboarded and using the service, admins need to see user status at a glance, adjust permissions instantly, and maintain oversight of user adoption. No matter the size of your business, having the right level of visibility and intuitive admin controls is critical to achieving your password security goals, and to protecting the organization overall.

Today, we’re introducing updates to the user management features in the LastPass Enterprise admin dashboard. The updated design and new options help admins streamline the onboarding process, apply changes in bulk, and overall help achieve a successful deployment of LastPass. No matter which provisioning option you choose – from Active Directory sync to batch email provisioning – the updated user management options help admins to effortlessly deploy LastPass and oversee adoption across the organization.

Improved design for efficient management

As a LastPass Enterprise admin, you can launch the admin dashboard from your vault or LastPass browser extension menu to open the updated Users tab. The new design and more intuitive navigation reflect the ongoing improvements we’ve been making to LastPass Enterprise since the end of 2016. (We recently updated Reports and Groups, too!)

The Users page is a centralized, convenient place to invite users and see those that have joined your LastPass Enterprise deployment. If you’re just getting started with LastPass Enterprise, the Users page will be empty. You can click the “Add Users” button at the top right of the page to get started (or add more). Admins can manually add users by entering email addresses, or provisioning can be automated by importing from Active Directory. Though less common, additional provisioning options include Windows login integration and our provisioning API for bring-your-own directory sync.

At the top of the Users page, admins will see the tabs to help quickly filter between users that are active, invited, disabled, or awaiting admin approval. Users only need approval if this option is selected in the LastPass Active Directory sync client.

Next to each tab is a number, letting admins know at a glance how many users have joined the Enterprise and what their account status is. Now admins can quickly identify any actions they need to take to complete the provisioning process, including a convenient option to “reinvite all” for invited users who have not yet activated their LastPass account.

By default, users are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Admins can also use the additional columns to quickly sort users. Next to each user is their security score, an aggregated score calculated based on the strength of the passwords in their vault, and the use of weak, duplicated, or old passwords. Additional columns identify whether the user is an Enterprise admin, and what multifactor authentication option is turned on for their account (if any).

The power is in the details

Checking a single user allows admins to quickly disable that account, change the admin status, or require a master password change. Or, multiple users can be selected at once (including the checkbox at the top left to select all users) to request master password changes of all users at once. Bulk actions can also be applied in each filtered tab.

To drill down to a specific user’s details, admins can just click the users name. A drawer opens on the right to reveal key information for that user, including the policies that apply to them and a summary of their account details. Additional tabs show the shared folders they have access to, the sites in their vault, the groups they’re assigned to, and their trusted devices. The menu provides additional options for changing permissions and managing that user’s access within LastPass.

Together, these options allow admins to manage users at a global level, as well as providing granular visibility and central control of user accounts. Automated onboarding and flexible user management is critical for businesses that want to ensure employee adoption of LastPass and build a foundation for strong password security throughout the workplace.

A perfect password manager for business

Log in to the LastPass Enterprise admin dashboard today to start exploring our updates to the Users tab, in addition to other recent improvements to Groups and Reports. We’ve got more great improvements coming, so stay tuned!

Is your business still struggling with passwords? Learn more here about how LastPass is helping over 28,000 businesses worldwide, with flexible solutions for companies of all sizes.