New Gartner Report: Four Kinds of Password Management

Password Security Should Be A Top Business Priority

In the wake of increased data breaches, many businesses are re-evaluating their security policies, especially when it comes to how employees are accessing their cloud-based sites and services.

Traditionally, IT teams secured employee devices and tools using VPNs and company-owned hardware. Now, the rise of cloud apps and mobile devices mean employees work from anywhere and use varied networks to access company data.

With at least 4.2 billion credentials leaked in 2016 alone, it’s unfortunately very likely that an employee’s passwords, work or personal, have been revealed to hackers. This gives would-be hackers an easy way to try to gain access to corporate systems.

IT leaders need to take action now to protect against these threats. Effectively solving the password security problem means finding the right solution.

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There are many password solutions available for security-minded businesses. It can be overwhelming to understand each option, the advantages each offers you and your employees, and ultimately the impact it will have on your security posture.

In Gartner’s latest report, Four Kinds of Password Management, they do the research for you and evaluate:

  • Critical security policies businesses should enable
  • What to look for in a password manager
  • The need for and role of privileged access management (PAM) and single sign-on (SSO)

This report aims to educate the wider business community about password solutions, so IT leaders and business executives can make more informed decisions and maximize their investment in password management technology.

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