Plans to Retire the LastPass 3.3.2 Firefox Add-on

About a year and a half ago, Mozilla announced some major changes coming to Firefox add-ons. In an effort to bring cross-browser compatibility, Firefox and other browsers adopted a common API, called WebExtensions. Supporting a common API should reduce the cost of cross-platform development for companies like ours who must build and maintain extensions for multiple browsers. While the move to WebExtensions brings many benefits to developers, browsers, and users, we want to be sure our LastPass community is prepared for the departure from Firefox’s previous user experience.

For more than a year now, we have maintained two versions of LastPass for Firefox. A 3.x release version has remained available in the Firefox add-ons store, while a 4.x development channel version has been available on

Though this has caused some confusion for LastPass users, our original intent in keeping the “old” version alive was to preserve the native experience that our Firefox users preferred. In the meantime, we continued to move our 4.x version forward per the changes Mozilla has been making. But with recent news that Mozilla will be moving exclusively to WebExtensions by the end of 2017, we need to bid farewell to the 3.x version of LastPass for Firefox.

We will submit our latest version of the extension on March 31st, 2017, and expect it to roll out to all 3.3.2 users in the following days, pending Mozilla review. You can manually upgrade your Firefox extension now, or wait to receive the automatic upgrade in April. After that time, only version 4.x will be available, both at and For our Firefox users on the 3.x version, this update will bring along all the behind-the-scenes improvements we’ve been making to the underlying logic and performance of LastPass, as well as our latest user interface. Based on previous user feedback, we also recommend exploring the ‘grid view’ and ‘list view’ options in the 4.x interface, as shown here, to find a layout that works for you.     

LastPass 3.x Interface

LastPass 4.x Interface

In addition to keeping pace with Mozilla’s changes, we are confident that the new version of our Firefox extension offers an improved user experience across the board. We know change can be hard! We’re listening to your feedback and focusing on smart, data-driven changes, while standardizing the LastPass experience across all browsers and platforms.

Of course, the transition will have no impact on your LastPass account, or any of the information you’ve stored in your vault. You will still have complete access to your account at any time, from any browser or device you choose to use.

As always, you can contact our support team with any questions or concerns on the transition.