LastPass Customer in Dublin Shares Their Story

It’s always great to hear how our customers are using and loving LastPass! We recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of our LastPass customers based in Dublin. Giustina Mizzoni is Executive Director at CoderDojo, a non-profit organization leading a global movement teaching web development languages such as Javascript, CSS, Scratch and more to kids ages 7-17.

CoderDojo has been using LastPass for the last few months. Giustina shared some great insights into how LastPass is improving their organization’s online security and password practices.

Q: What would you consider LastPass’ primary strengths?

A: Beyond the obvious security benefits, password sharing has been a feature that really helps us work better as a team. Many of our team members work remotely, so it allows us to easily and securely share our online logins with each other, and in doing so, not get complacent with the poor password practices we may have been doing in the past.

Q: Did LastPass provide you with expected benefits?

A: Yes, definitely. LastPass has encouraged us to use better practices when creating passwords. When we moved the team over to LastPass we realized that several passwords we were using weren’t strong enough. The Security Challenge helped us identify those accounts but also helped us correct those weak passwords. We’ve since changed many of our passwords to more complex, auto-generated passwords.

Q: How do you take advantage of LastPass’ secure sharing functionality across your global organization?

A: We love the ability to have shared folders for each team within our organization. For example, members of the technical team are the only ones with access to our logins for the technical infrastructure, and our communications and community team shares access to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Being able to segment who needs to know what passwords is a great added bonus of LastPass.

Q: How would you finish this sentence? “LastPass is an essential workplace service for us because…

A: Security is of utmost importance for CoderDojo, and LastPass allows us to be more secure in our day-to-day usage of the online services we rely on every day.

Thanks Giustina for sharing your story!

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