How to Fill Passwords & Addresses with the iOS Extension

Did you know that LastPass works within your favorite browsers on iOS? In just a few taps you can log into sites, fill out an address, or enter payment card info without going back and forth between apps. We’ll show you how it works on Safari and Chrome in a few GIFs.

Save Time & Sign In with the LastPass Extension

Once you’ve enabled the LastPass extension, you’ll save time by not having to type passwords and switch between apps anymore. Here’s how you can sign into sites directly from Safari with the LastPass extension:

1. On a site that’s asking for login information, tap the “share button” (the one with arrow pointing up out of a box), then select LastPass.

2. Tap the LastPass icon in the bottom row of icons that pop up.

3. If you have Touch ID enabled, use your finger to authenticate into LastPass.

4. The LastPass extension will automatically list any vault entries that match the site you’re on in Safari. Tap the one you want to use.

5. That’s it! LastPass automatically fills the username and password fields and logs you in.

Fill addresses and payment cards in a few taps

You can also use the LastPass extension to fill forms for addresses and payment information in Safari. The process is essentially the same. After you open the LastPass extension and view your passwords, tap the “Form Fills” button at the bottom of the screen, and select the information you want to use.

When you’re in the LastPass extension, you can also generate new passwords, save them to your vault, and fill them into sites. Just tap the “kebab” menu (the three vertical dots) on the top right of the screen, and you’ll see the option Generate Password. Select that to create a new password and save it automatically.

Using Chrome for iOS?

If you use Chrome for iOS, the LastPass extension can help you sign in to sites just as easily. However, the experience is slightly different. Follow these steps if you’re using Chrome on an iOS device:

1. First, tap the “kebab” menu (three vertical dots) at the top right-hand corner of the browser.

2. Tap the “share” button.

3. Tap the LastPass icon in the bottom row.

4. If you have TouchID enabled, use your finger to authenticate into LastPass.

5. Select from the list of matching sites.

6. LastPass automatically fills the username and password on the page, but you still need to tap “Sign in.”

The LastPass extension is a great solution if you prefer to do your web browsing in Safari or Chrome—and we know that most people do. If you don’t have the extension enabled, take the 60 seconds to set it up, and you’ll be able to access your LastPass information much more seamlessly in the future.





  • This extension is SO helpful for marketing agencies who have to manage several different profiles for the same websites and for many different websites at that. Lastpass has been an immense timesaver for us all the while keeping all our credentials secure.

  • Pierre says:

    You have a big problem with Premium service, I can insert my credit card number and e-mail to assign the service, but don’t need to stay logged. So, if I lost my password I can’t cancel my signature, because to post on forum I need to do a login.

    I am in this scenario.