New Features, Design in LastPass for iOS

If you missed the big news last week, you can now install LastPass on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and any other device you own, for free! No matter where you need your passwords, LastPass will sync them for you automatically.

Our latest update to LastPass for iOS brings a number of improvements to the mobile experience! Download or update your LastPass app today to get a simplified design, improved tooltips to help you get the most out of filling passwords in apps and browsers, and iOS 10 compatibility.

An improved design

Our latest update features a new layout and design elements, including an all new look ⎼ especially for our iPad app. With a new “grid” view, the updated app for iPad makes the most of the additional screen real estate on the tablet. Mirroring our desktop look, but uniquely adapted for the experience on a mobile device, you’ll notice it’s much quicker to capture, find, and manage your passwords.


We support side-by-side on iPads, too, so you can get to your vault without having to switch apps. Every change we’re making is geared towards a faster, smoother experience that takes the work out of logging into apps and sites on a mobile device.

img_0007To help you find what you need in LastPass as quickly as possible, we’ve also moved popular features out of the sidebar menu and put them in tabs along the bottom of the app. The Tools page is always one tap away at the bottom of your screen. Settings have been cleaned up for easier access to and management of your preferences. We’ve also added a Refresh Vault button in Settings > Actions, so you can instantly sync any changes you’ve made to your vault.

Browser extension improvements

Did you know you LastPass on iOS can autofill usernames and passwords in Safari, Chrome, and over two hundred popular apps? So no matter where you’re browsing or signing in to an account, LastPass is on-hand. We’ve added a helpful new walkthrough in Tools to help you get this feature set up – it only takes a few taps! Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to pull up the LastPass extension in your browser any time you need to log in to a website. 

img_6756          lastpass-ios_lastpass-extension-on-safari-576x1024

Plus, when you’re logging in to one of your favorite apps, if they support LastPass you’ll see a little icon in the field that you can tap to have LastPass fill your username and password. See a complete list of apps we support here.

iOS 10 compatibility

We’re fully compatible with iOS 10 and the latest iPhone hardware, including 3D touch from the home screen and the vault.

Be sure to update to version 4.1.2 today!

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