LastPass Achieves SOC 2!

By November 22, 2016 Security News No Comments

We’re proud to announce that LastPass has officially acquired a SOC 2 attestation report. To translate that tech speak: A third party, in this case RSM US LLP, provided a rigorous audit of our security and data practices to ensure we meet certain criteria. And we passed!

Why does SOC 2 matter? The SOC 2 audit is a detailed review of the controls and processes in place to ensure our products and systems are secure and reliable. That includes ensuring proper confidentiality of the data our systems handle, and the availability of those systems. And it doesn’t just stop there. Every year, we have to do an annual review to ensure continued SOC 2 compliance.

Completing the SOC 2 process is just one more way we’re demonstrating our commitment to security and privacy. We know this achievement is especially meaningful to the 25,000 businesses using LastPass Enterprise to safeguard passwords and oversee employee authentication. It’s a “gold standard” for software companies that is widely-recognized nationwide across industries. And we’re proud to have received it.

Security and privacy remain fundamental to what we do here at LastPass. We continue to invest in security as our digital world evolves, so that we can help you protect what matters most. We hope completing the SOC 2 attestation is one more proof point of our dedication to your security, and reinforces your trust in our team and our service. We continue to work hard to deliver you the best password manager, at home and at work!