The Time Is Now: Get A Password Manager

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If National Cyber Security Awareness Month has taught you it anything, it’s that you need a password manager. Like, yesterday. From personal accounts to work, you likely have more accounts that you can even remember. And if you can’t remember all your accounts, how can you possibly have and recall the password for each? Especially now that you know each password should be unique, without any password reused for multiple accounts, it is nearly impossible to have good password habits without a password manager.

But a password manager does more than just manage your passwords – it keeps all of your digital life organized, accessible, and secure – all while making your day-to-day life easier and frustration-free. Here’s what we mean:

It’s not just about passwords

Yes, passwords are at the core of what a password manager protects (hey, it’s in the name), but password managers like LastPass do much more. Consider all of your most valuable documents – passport, credit cards, birth certificate, social security – just to name a few. With LastPass, you can create a Secure Note for each of these documents where you can store all the relevant information, including a photo of the document itself!

It gets better though. How many times have you filled out your shipping address when you’ve bought something online? Too many. With LastPass you can store your most commonly-used (and even the rare!) profiles, like your billing address, work shipping address, home shipping address, and more, so you’re not wasting time the next time you fill out forms online.

Save yourself some time

Speaking of wasted time… Using a password manager saves from all those lost minutes that you spend filling out forms and credit card numbers by filling them in for you. Password managers will also quickly generate new passwords for you when you’re signing up for your account. That means you can toss your own personal password system to the wind (see ya later, KatieFluffy18!) Most importantly, think about all those times you spend racking your brain to recall a password. And then how much time you spend trying to reset the password once you’ve been locked out.

Frustrations, be gone

It’s hard to say what’s more annoying – the message saying your phone is almost out of storage or the incorrect password message. Either way, they’re both frustrating, and both can be avoided, but a password manager can only solve the latter. So save yourself some sanity and get a password manager simply for the sake of never wanting to see the incorrect password error message again. Ever.

Better security, without complexity

Just because you only have a small savings and a few credit cards doesn’t mean hackers don’t want your stuff. Every password counts because each password and account gives hackers a little bit more information about you that they can use to break into your most valuable accounts. And recent events prove that breaches are unfortunately becoming a commonplace occurrence. However, that doesn’t mean you should become numb to them. Take control and protect yourself so you’re not a victim next time. And we’ve got a nifty tool to help you do so.

Now that you’re more #CyberAware, thanks to NCSAM, it’s time to turn this knowledge about passwords and security into action. Today is the day. Sign up for a password manager and get all your logins and important information into your secure vault.

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