Don’t Fall Back Into Old Password Habits

The end of summer means more than just cooler weather and pumpkin-spiced lattes; it’s the time of year when fall TV and football make their triumphant return to our televisions screens and mobile devices. And while this is great news for sports and TV fans, it’s also a time when many people share passwords and log-in credentials with friends and family members.

Almost everybody shares passwords. In fact, according to a recent survey we conducted, a staggering 95% of respondents said they share up to 6 passwords with others, including financial, business, social media, and entertainment passwords, despite the majority of people acknowledging the risk associated with such behavior. While sharing your fantasy football credentials or your Netflix password with your friends may seem harmless, it could have long-term repercussions because many people reuse the same password for more than one account or don’t update their password even years later. That means if your Netflix password is the same as the one you use for financial accounts, you’ve now shared that personal information with friends and anyone else they may share your password with.

So before you share that Netflix or DirectTV password, here’s how to do so safely and conveniently with LastPass.

Create strong, unique passwords for each account.

Take the time to make sure each of your accounts has a unique, strong password. Once you share your password with a coworker, friend or family member, it’s possible they could share it with another person without telling you. If you use the same password for each account, that person now has access to the rest of your online life.

If you’re using the same password you’ve used before, or one that is old or just not strong enough, login to your account and go to your settings page. Use the password generator to create a new, strong password, and save your changes both on the website and in your LastPass vault. Now you’ll know that your account is protected with a strong password, you can share with peace of mind.

Share your passwords through LastPass, where they’re encrypted.

Let’s face it, we’re going to share passwords regardless of the risk. So when you need to share, be sure to do it through a password manager like LastPass. Not only is the password encrypted before it’s shared securely with another person, but you can also more easily keep track of who has access to a password at all times.

Sharing a password in LastPass is easy. Both you and the person you’re sharing with need to be LastPass users; we’ll help someone get set up if you try to share and they don’t yet have an account.

From your LastPass vault, find the item you want to share and hover over the entry to click the “Share” icon.

hover_optionsYou can hide the password if you prefer they don’t have the option of seeing it. Enter the email address of the person you want to share with, and once you share it’s automatically on the way to your recipient!

Now the login will still be in your vault, and will also appear in your recipient’s vault. You both can login to the account at any time. And if you make any changes to the shared login, like update the password, the other person will automatically receive the updates – no action required on their part!

shared-with-me-1024x311Head to the Sharing Center to see what you’ve shared with others, and what others are currently sharing with you. You can remove someone’s access at any time.

Need to share more than one? Share a Folder.

Got more than one password to share, with more than one person? For convenient group sharing with family and friends, you’ll want to use the LastPass Shared Folder. As a feature of LastPass Premium, the Shared Folder allows you to easily sync many passwords with one or more people, and just drag-and-drop any items into the folder as you need to share (or unshare) items over time.

In your Vault, just right-click on a folder name to share the folder. Or, open the Sharing Center, and in the “Manage Shared Folders” view you can click the Add button to create and share a new Folder.


In the vault, you can drag and drop sites or notes into a Shared Folder at any time. Any changes you make to the folder or to the items in the folder are synced automatically to everyone who you’ve added to the folder. If you don’t want someone to have access any more, you can remove them from the folder in the Sharing Center.

If you’re not yet using LastPass, sign up today and get set for sharing passwords this Fall!