6 Documents You Should Safeguard with a Password Manager

As we manage more and more of our lives from our laptops or our phones, there is far less paperwork to organize and file. But there are still a few key documents that are important to keep track of and protect.

Not only is it important to protect the paper copies of these personal documents, but it’s also crucial to create a digital copy that is backed up and stored somewhere safe. Just like you regularly backup the documents, photos, and other important files on your computer to a hard drive or the cloud, creating digital copies of your important life documents ensures you always have a copy in case of a disaster, theft, or just plain forgetfulness.

Your password manager is the perfect place to safely and securely store a digital copy of your important life documents. With LastPass, you can add these documents to a Secure Note, and ensure that they are always backed up, and synced to wherever you may need them. Layered encryption ensures that your personal information is for your eyes only, and that no one, not even LastPass, can see your documents. Most importantly, you have the peace of mind that you’ll never lose your copies of those documents, and that you can look the information up at any time. That’s often way more convenient than digging through piles of papers trying to find it!

Here are six documents you should safeguard with a password manager like LastPass:

Passport. Though you may take every precaution to protect your passport while you travel, things do happen when you’re on the go. By scanning a copy of your passport and attaching it to a Secure Note, you’ll ensure you have the information you need should it go missing or be stolen. LastPass even has a template for a Passport Secure Note, so you can enter all the relevant details. Also consider noting where the closest embassy is, and who you should contact to start the passport replacement process.

Credit Card. Call it laziness, but there’s nothing more annoying than getting ready to hit the “buy” button on your online shopping order, only to realize you need to go digging for your credit card in your purse. By adding the details to a Secure Note (or a Form Fill Profile), you can conveniently copy-paste or autofill your credit card details as you shop online.

Driver’s License. Though you should always carry your driver’s license if you’re driving, having a digital copy is more convenient when you’re filling out paperwork, like job applications. Having the information in a secure note makes it easy to copy-paste your details, and with a photocopy of your license attached to the note you’ll also always have a secure backup.

Insurance Card. If you’ve ever shown up for a doctor’s appointment and realized you forgot your insurance card, you’ll know how much easier it is to have a digital copy on hand. You’ll always know where to look if you ever need your member ID number, and you can record other details of your insurance plan for easy reference.

Birth Certificate. There are only a few times where you really need to provide a copy of your birth certificate. While you’ll hopefully never misplace or lose your original, having a digital photocopy stored in LastPass ensures you’ll have a convenient copy to print off when needed, and you’ll have a backup should something ever happen to the original.

Social Security Card. Though you don’t really use your social security card or equivalent government ID very often, and you shouldn’t carry around your original card, every once in awhile you may need to provide a copy of it, like when applying for a new job. Having a photocopy securely backed up in LastPass ensures you can easily print off a copy when needed, while ensuring it’s properly encrypted and secured.

These are just a few examples of the types of information and documents you can keep safe in LastPass. With Secure Notes, you can safeguard and backup your key personal files. By taking the time now to add your documents to your vault now, you’re taking a critical step to ensure that your personal information is not only properly protected, but that you are prepared for anything unexpected in the future, too.


  • SAS says:

    I find Secure Notes to be very frustrating. Based on this post, I realized I had moved and needed to update my driver’s license. I tried adding the image as a jpg file. It opened. I saved the secure note. I reopened it. I see two copies of it. I get errors when I try to open either of them

    Error opening attachment.
    Error C. from=retry

    I delete both copies. I add again. I try to open, and it works. I save the secure note. Open the secure note again. Two copies again. Neither will open, with same above error. The JPG is 188k

  • Warren Hudson says:

    Sounds great. I started to try it by creating a new Secure Note then when I clicked [Add File] became uncertain as it appeared that I might be installing LP again. I have never attempted to add a file before.

    I have a LOT of stuff as a LP Premium Member and absolutely cannot screw up so can you list the steps to take.

    Also, will I be able to add a Folder containing the intended files.

    PS keep the tutorials coming… excellent tips thx.

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