Why Online Shopping Is Easier with a Password Manager

The number of beautiful summer days are limited and the realities of fall and back to school are piling up. That doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of these sunny days in stores and shopping lines though. Get your shopping done online and do it even faster using automatically filled-in form profiles for your billing and shipping addresses, and credit cards so making those purchases is quick and painless. AKA, more time for the beach and outdoor fun!

With LastPass Form Fill Profiles, you can create profiles for personal information that you need to do your online shopping, store it securely in your vault, and easily access it when you need it. These profiles are encrypted locally on your computer with your Master Password, which allows you to store sensitive data like your credit card number, billing address, and more.

Here is how to get started with Form Fill Profiles so you can start expediting your fall shopping and making of the most of the end of summer:

Create your Profiles

One of the most annoying aspects of shopping online is constantly having to fill out your billing and shipping addresses. That annoyance is gone with the use of LastPass Profiles, which automatically fill in everything you need to fill out those irritating forms.

We recommend that you create different profiles for each Name, Location, and Credit Card. To do so, go to your LastPass browser extension, and click ‘Form Fills’ from the main menu to get started. Click ‘Add Form Fill’ to add any and all addresses you use for online shopping.  Add your most-used credit cards with their associated billing address. Create another form for each of your shipping addresses. For example, your work and home shipping addresses.

See it in Action

Once you have the profiles stored in your LastPass vault, you’ll be able to grab them easily while shopping. Just like you see the LastPass icon in the fields where you enter usernames and passwords, now you’ll see the same icon populate for address and credit card forms. Click the icon and a dropdown will display showing all of your stored profiles. Choose the one you want to use for that site and your information will automatically be filled in the blanks!

FormFill1      FormFill2

You can see how LastPass makes it easy for you to get your shopping done quickly and without hassle, leaving you more time for enjoying the end of summer!

Check out the Help Desk for specifics on how to setup your Form Fill Profiles and start making your online shopping a more seamless experience!