Today we’re excited to announce a new update to LastPass Authenticator, making it the first authentication app to deliver a push-based, one-tap experience to verify your identity for your favorites sites, including Google, Amazon, Evernote and more.

Using a two-factor authentication tool is one of the most reliable ways to keep your data and online accounts safe, but it can be complicated. Now LastPass Authenticator offers the easiest and most convenient way to add a second layer of verification – without adding an added layer of complexity to the login process. The one-tap push notification with LastPass Authenticator makes it extremely simple for anyone to authenticate to their online accounts – without slowing down your day.

A better two-factor experience

Rather than having to enter a six-digit code to authorize logins, anyone using LastPass Authenticator on iOS or Android (the new functionality is not available for Windows phones) can now simply tap an approval notification that has been pushed to their phone to verify their identity and complete their login.

To use push notifications for two-factor on other websites, simply ensure that you have LastPass installed in your browser(s) and that you are logged in to your LastPass account before pairing LastPass Authenticator with the website of your choice.

For more information on how to set up LastPass Authenticator, see our article here.

From multiple apps, to one

This update delivers on our mission to provide simple, secure authentication for everyone. As a LastPass user, LastPass Authenticator lets you consolidate your two-factor authentication needs to one app, with one-tap approval as well as one-time passcodes. That means you only need one authenticator app to keep you protected on all of your sites.

Even if you’re not a LastPass user, the one-time passcode option in LastPass Authenticator can be independently used on any online website or application that is supported by Google Authenticator.

The next generation of 2FA

Passwords are a reality of today’s world, and unfortunately so are threats like phishing attacks and data breaches. When security is of the utmost importance, 2FA is critical and can’t be overlooked. LastPass Authenticator makes two-factor authentication approachable and easy so you can keep attackers locked out, without taking more time out of your day.

Available immediately, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play, Apple & Windows  (update not available for Windows) stores.


  • Don says:

    I am using LastPass 2fa to log into LastPass with no problem but I can’t get this to work with my existing google 2fa account. Could you post some YouTube videos?

  • Mark says:

    The new features are great, but the most important one is missing: synchronization. If my device fails, all my 2FA accounts are gone so, for all of them, I must disable 2FA and re-enable it on a new device… what a nightmare!

    Therefore synchronization is a must-have. If it is not possible to push notifications to more than one device, you can put, in the account’s settings, a combobox to choose the default device.


  • BJ says:

    Shame. Your Windows Phone app already does push based lastpass one tap two factor authorisation for lastpass itself, so we know it does push, we know it does one tap, and we know it is a viable reliable 2FA tool. So why do you not enable other sites like Google, Amazon, etc.? Surely you’ve done all the work in the cloud services. Is it that hard to add a few lines of code?

  • Kent Nighswander says:

    LastPass is doing an awesome job creating an ideal user experience for multi-factor auth. Thanks so much! One question, do you see the ability to use LastPass Authenticator for an Office 365 for Business account? Currently it does not work.

  • Rahul Puttagunta says:

    Do the PUSH notifications work on multiple devices?

    • Amber Gott says:

      Hi Rahul, only one device can be registered for push notifications at this time. We’ll continue to look at new features!

      • Robert says:

        Then your solution is not an option when compared to Authy. What happens when I lose or reset my device, how do I get back my 2FA? What if I forget my phone and need to sign in from work? Authy has this covered.

      • Oakland Joe says:

        +1 on Rahul’s request. My wife and I share a single last pass account. We tried using the first version of LPA but when we discovered that only one of us could use it, and the other could not at least continue to use Google Authenticator, we were forced to stop using it. At the time LP told us they were aware of our use case and planned to support it in a future release, but apparently that time has still not yet arrived. In the brief time I experimented with LPA it was a joy to use push, so I hope you guys will make it work on multiple devices soon. There are other use cases beyond mine.

      • Michael says:

        I noticed this too. I have a work phone and a personal phone. Amber, clearly this is a more of a common occurrence where people have multiple mobile devices. Please pass feedback to support multiple devices.

  • Alan says:

    It would be great if you could also support other Amazon domains such as etc.. as I noticed this only seems to work with the US domain.