Oh, the Secure Notes you’ll create

Are you struggling to track all the odds and ends of digital life? Sometimes it seems there are just too many codes, account numbers, member IDs, and random odds and ends of digital life that get lost in notebooks and buried on cluttered bulletin boards. Not to mention, what about your credit cards, or your insurance IDs – do you have secure copies of them stored somewhere for reference?

Well, gather up all those sticky notes and that messy pile of IDs you have shoved in your desk drawer, and get them organized in LastPass with Secure Notes. Of course, you can store your usernames and passwords in your LastPass Vault, but it can help you keep track of so much more. With Secure Notes, you can organize your important information in a way that makes sense for you, and keep all those notes filed away in one convenient place. Anything you want to keep safe and accessible, but that isn’t a traditional username or password, is perfect to add as a Secure Note. LastPass offers many types of Secure Notes, so you can quickly and easily add the items you want to backup and organize in LastPass.

Here’s just a few reasons to love Secure Notes:

  • Convenient organization. Add, edit, and search your Secure Notes, all from the LastPass Vault.
  • Made for sharing. Give friends or family access to any Secure Note; you can share one-to-one or add it to a Shared Folder to sync with many people at once.
  • Add attachments. You can save photos, PDFs, documents, and more to Secure Notes.
  • Sync anywhere. Easily access your Secure Notes from any browser, our mobiles apps, or the web vault at LastPass.com.
  • Get custom. Build your own Secure Note templates and add the fields you want.

Check out all the ways you can use Secures Notes to make your life more organized, at home and at work!

Custom Secure Notes Infographic