5 Apps You Need for Back to School

It’s that time again – summer is winding down, kids are heading back to school, and the office is starting to feel more like a real workplace again. ‘Til summer hours roll around next year, at least. But the good news is, the start of another school year is like a second chance at Spring cleaning. Time to reset your habits, clean out your closet, eat well, get 8 hours of sleep, and make time for a run or yoga. What better way to start fresh than with some new apps to help you get organized?

As we barrel into a new school year, we talked to people around the LastPass and LogMeIn offices to see what new apps they’re using. Here’s the top 5 apps we’re giving a try to make our lives easier or more organized. Check them out and end your summer with a productive bang! Let us know in the comments: Which apps are you trying this Fall?

Realplans (subscription)

The meal planning app, realplans, can help you get the eating well part of your life under control. This app takes into account your family’s size, diet restrictions, schedules, and more, and builds a meal plan that is custom for your family. Best part? They give you a specific grocery list so it takes the planning piece off your to-do list, which leaves more time for cooking and having dinner with your family.

Caviar (free)

As hard as we try, sometimes we just don’t have time for cooking, even if the meal is planned out ahead of time for us. For those nights, there is Caviar. Caviar is the food delivery app that has widely expanded your go-to options from just pizza and Chinese to nearly any restaurant in the local area. That trendy gastropub you can never get into? The new Asian fusion with a 6 week wait for reservations? No problem, Caviar has got you covered so you can be a foodie right from home.

Google Photos (free, pay for additional storage)

You’ve seen the ad during the Olympics and we’ll admit, we love it. We’ve all been there – you’re about to take an epic photo, but nope. Denied! You’re out of storage space on your phone. Never again with this app, which detects when your phone is low on storage space and automatically backs up photos to the cloud and removes them from your phone. Now you have room for all those first day of school photos.

LastPass (free, $12 for Premium)

Speaking of denied, when was the last time you got locked out of an account because you forgot the password? If you’re like most people, it was probably pretty recently. Keeping track of your passwords doesn’t have to be a challenge, even during the busy back-to-school season when you’re creating new accounts to order supplies and books, sign up for classes and sports, and more. With LastPass, you have an easy-to-use password vault – synced to any computer, tablet or smartphone – where you can store all those passwords so you’re never locked out again.

RetailMeNot (free)

Yup, it’s not just a website. With the RetailMeNot app, you have access to those nifty coupons you search for at the last minute when you’re buying something online. Except now you have them on your phone, so you can search while you’re waiting to check out and still get that extra discount!