8 Frustrations You Can Eliminate With a Password Manager

Every generation has had its fair share of frustrations. In the 80s and 90s, we were plagued by the “Be Kind, Please Rewind” reminder on all videotapes. In the early 2000s, it took us three pushes to get the letter we really wanted for our text messages. These days, one of our biggest frustrations just might be passwords (right behind putting together Ikea furniture.) They lock us out and keep us from ordering lunch, they’re becoming more of a hassle to create, we constantly have to reset them, and, worst of all, they keep getting stolen and sold on the black market!

We don’t have to let passwords get the best of us though. We’re smarter than that, especially with a password manager in our tech arsenal. Online password managers like LastPass provide a secure, easy-to-use place to store, access, and manage all of your passwords. That means never getting locked out again and saving room in your brain for more important things.

Can you relate to these 8 frustrations? If you’ve experienced any or all of them, you’ll be relieved to know they can be solved with a password manager like LastPass.

  1. Error messages galore – It’s annoying to type out a password, especially as password requirements get more complex. And many times, we type them in wrong. This is even more of a problem using the small keyboards on a smartphone or tablet. With a password manager, your password is automatically filled in for you when it detects the login screen, or you can easily tap the password for entry into a mobile app.
  1. The forgotten password lock-out – Enter that password one too many times, and boom – you’re locked out. Again. That’s the last thing you want to deal with when you’re logging in to pay your credit card on time or need to respond to an email quickly. Password managers never forget the stuff you’ve stored in them, and that stuff includes your passwords. Never get locked out again with a password manager.
  1. The reset (the aftermath of the lock-out) – Once you’ve finally admitted that you can’t remember your password, you have to go through the painful and usually time-consuming password reset process. Will the link to reset your password come through immediately? Or in a few hours? No one knows, and no one has time for that.
  1. Creating a tough as $%!t password – With the increased frequency of breaches, many sites are implementing stronger password requirements – 35 characters, 6 symbols, uppercase, lowercase – who can remember all that?! Thankfully, we have the technology of a password manager for that. Not only can it create that complicated password in one click, it remembers it without any work on your part.
  1. What’s your Wi-Fi, again? – You have friends over for game night and everyone wants to control the music from their own phone. But before they can do that, you get the age-old question, “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” And a 15-minute delay ensues as you try to track it down again. Ah! But with a password manager like LastPass, you’ll have it right where you want it. Simply store your Wi-Fi credentials in a Secure Note, and share that Note with your friends so you don’t ever have to dig up and spell out your Wi-Fi password again.
  1. Your billing address is not correct – You’re shopping online, just buying a new pair of shoes, but as soon as you enter your name, the browser populates your billing and shipping information with your office address. As much as you’d love to charge those new shoes to work, that won’t fly. With LastPass, you can create profiles for your credit cards so you don’t need to enter the information each time – LastPass just fills it in for you automatically.
  1. Post-breach password changes – The modern reality is that passwords are a hot commodity and hackers are going to keep trying to steal them. After each new breach, we as consumers run around changing this password or that one, which can be a hassle and quite time-consuming. But password managers like LastPass can help you figure out where you’ve reused the same password that was breached, and will even automatically change passwords for you making it extremely easy to be extremely secure.
  1. Not having a password when you need it – It’s happened to everyone. You’re on the go – running errands, away for the weekend – and you get an email that your electric bill is due – today! Normally that’s not a problem, but the password for your electric company account is stored in your browser or on a sticky note next to your computer, which isn’t helpful now. With a password manager you have access to your passwords wherever you are, from any device. So paying your electric bill from a rest stop on the side of the highway is no big deal.

Take a look back at this list. How many of these frustrations have you dealt with in the last month? Week? Even 24 hours? The answer is probably multiple, if not all of them. Passwords aren’t going away; they’re actually becoming more of a pain, but they don’t have to be. Try out a free password manager like LastPass that not only saves all your passwords, but also a great deal of your sanity!


  • Яков says:

    Здравствуйте! Я хотел поменять старый пароль на новый,увы не получается,хотя старый пароль я знаю. Супорт дает ответ усложненный вариант. Как быть?

  • Bob says:

    I have been a premium user for some time now and appreciate the many features. Recently however it seems that logging in has become a pain in the ***. It takes two attempts at least. What happened?