Announcing LastPass for Microsoft Edge

Hey Windows 10 users, we’ve got some great news! If you’ve been using Microsoft Edge, the new default browser for Windows 10, we know you’ve eagerly awaited the arrival of a LastPass extension. And we’re thrilled to say: It’s arrived!

Windows Insider participants can now gain early access to LastPass for Microsoft Edge, and the extension will be widely-available for all Microsoft Edge users later this year. As the first password manager extension supported on Microsoft Edge, we’re excited to give millions of Windows 10 users a simple, secure way to manage their passwords from the browser of their choice. We’ve worked closely with the Microsoft team to deliver an extension that feels “native” to the browser and integrates seamlessly with your browsing experience.

How it works

The LastPass extension enables quick access to the LastPass password vault within Microsoft Edge. As you browse, LastPass will autofill passwords saved in your vault, and new accounts can promptly be added to the vault without navigating away from the current page.


The extension and the LastPass field icons appear as you’re browsing to manage logins, fill passwords, and view and secure your data. The LastPass extension also provides built-in security features, such as alerts that let the user know when there are duplicate passwords in the vault and presents the option to generate random passwords.

We’re still working hard on the extension, with more great improvements to come as the Microsoft team also makes enhancements to Microsoft Edge browser. If you try out the extension and have feedback or reports, please submit them here!

How to get it

LastPass for Microsoft Edge is currently available for members of the Windows Insider Program, an opt-in program that allows Windows enthusiasts to secure early access to the Microsoft operating systems, hardware, and PC builds. The extension will be widely available to Microsoft Edge users later this year.

If you’re already a part of the program, you can download it from the Microsoft store here:

If you’re interested in joining so that you can get the LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge, head to to sign up.

We hope you enjoy the enhancement to your Microsoft Edge experience, and we look forward to delivering more great updates for Windows 10 users in the coming months!


  • Ian Ceicys says:

    Cool to hear. I am getting the following message:
    “This app enountered a problem. Please reinstall it repair”.

    I’ve trying re-installing on Windows 10 Pro Insider Build 14361

  • Harlan Mattos says:

    This is great and something I have been waiting for ever since Windows 10 came out. I would love to be able to use this new add on to the Edge browser but it will not install correctly. I keep getting the prompt to Reinstall, This app encountered a problem. Please reinstall to repair. I have done this several times with no success.
    I have been a member of the fast ring insider program for several months now and am running build 14361.0.

    • Andrew Rossetti says:

      I’m experiencing the same issue with being prompted to reinstall. Also just updated to build 14361.0 yesterday.

  • Kazi says:

    Windows 10 mobile version by any chance?

  • james says:

    Well done! I love your efforts supporting Windows 10 and W10 mobile platform; LastPass available everywhere is a big bold YES!

  • Dave says:

    I look forward to trying it . I hope the option to send a relative time delayed access to my PW will be expanded to give 60, 90, 180 day options with a notification to me approx. 10 days before the time expires to either delete or extend.

    I would use it for ongoing estate planning. The present 30 day limit just isn’t enough. Seems a couple of lines of additional code would do it.

    I presently don’t pay for Last Pass but would pay for both me and my son if it gets improved as I’ve described. I’ve made this suggestion elsewhere and if there a reason it can’t be accomplished I would be interested in hearing it.

  • Brian Baker says:

    Yes, finally!