Meet the New LastPass Logo

By February 3, 2016 Product Updates 62 Comments

Today we’re unveiling a new LastPass logo that you’ll soon be seeing across our entire service.

There are a lot of considerations that go into any logo update, and ours was no different. The asterisk that once was synonymous with hiding a typed password upon login has been a part of the LastPass logo since 2008. It was also the subject of an unanticipated trademark lawsuit, filed early last year. As a result, we started to explore options for retiring the asterisk.

Luckily, we were already hard at work on a new user interface for LastPass 4.0, where we aimed to introduce a refreshed, modern design across the LastPass product. And the reality is, when it comes to hiding a typed password at login, the asterisk has long been retired in favor of the ‘dot’.

So we took the best of our new design — fresh, bold, simple, colorful, modern, and user-friendly — along with the modern image of logging in, and crafted our new logo and icon.

Here’s what you can expect to see across our website, the browser extensions, and the mobile apps in the coming months:

Blog Image

We know that the security of your password manager is important, so we’ll be emailing all LastPass users to alert them to the change, in addition to spreading the news via our blog and social media accounts.

We appreciate the ongoing support of our loyal community through the transition. Standing strong under our new logo, we’ll be focused on delivering the best password manager and looking ahead to the future of identity and access management.

Be secure,

Joe Siegrist
VP & GM of LastPass


  • Andrea says:

    Don’t want to go into a debate regarding aesthetics but the new logo, for me, it’s simply less visible. It stands out less. And yes, I have changed the icons to have it red when signed on.

    Also, as a Firefox user, I strongly dislike the way the extension now works like the Chrome one. Using tabs for interface elements is not cooler, it subtracts from usability. An example? If I have several tabs open and I act on one “in the middle”, the confirmation password requester (for the websites I use it for) appears rightmost. When I insert the password, that tab disappears and leaves the next one, on the right, visible. This requires me to go back and select the tab I was browsing from. Depending on how many tabs were open this involves a simple click or a small amount of time spent looking.

  • E says:

    Not a fan of the new icon. Before, if you weren’t logged in there was a very obvious grey box. Now you have a very subtle line of dots, which is easy to miss.

  • Tom says:

    Sorry, I’m also not a fan of the new logo, even after giving it a few days to get used to. I’m especially not a fan of the icon for the browser–it’s too hard to see at a glance.