[INFOGRAPHIC] Keep Your Friends Close & Your Passwords Closer

The results of the LastPass Sharing Survey are in, and it’s official: We’re all sharing passwords, and we aren’t doing it very safely. In fact, 95% of people share up to 6 passwords with others, including financial, business, social media, and entertainment passwords, despite the majority of people acknowledging that it’s risky to share passwords. Most shockingly, only 19% of respondents say they don’t share passwords that would jeopardize their identity or financial information, leaving 81% of people who would share those passwords.

If the reality is that we need to share passwords, then how are we to share them safely with others and keep our passwords secure? We surveyed over 1,000 US consumers to understand the full extent of how people share passwords and what it means for our online security.

Check out our results in the infographic below and feel free to share or embed on your own blog to inform others about password sharing security. Sign up for LastPass today and give secure password sharing a try!

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*Survey Methodology: The 2015 Password Sharing Study polled 1,053 U.S. consumers ages 18+, using an online survey in May 2015. The study analyzed password sharing behavior for both personal and business online accounts. Respondents’ insights were further broken down based on demographic qualifiers, including age. LastPass completed this study to help consumers and enterprises gain a better understanding of the risks associated with sharing passwords and how to make the process safer.  


  • Andrew Hodgson says:

    The statistics you shared in this blog post clearly show that we share our passwords with 4 very distinct groups: spouse, kids, friends, & coworkers. Additionally, the stats show that only 2% of sharing is done via password managers. These points only further emphasize the weakness that Lastpass Premium has in only offering 1 shared folder for its paid customers. This limitation is not allowing users to safely share unique passwords with different groups, so we have to resort to other less secure methods. And no, upgrading to an Enterprise license is not a legit solution for any individual user!

    • Amber Gott says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Andrew, we always appreciate hearing what our customers would like to see added to their LastPass experience! We hope with future updates and new features we can better meet those needs. Note that the Shared Family Folder does allow you to share the same folder with multiple people but only make a portion of that folder actually visible to them, using the restrict options. Our team is always happy to help as well with questions: https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php