Introducing LastPass 4.0

LastPass 4.0 is here! We love the new features and the cleaner, faster, bolder design – and we think you will, too.

Over the past year, our team has been hard at work to make LastPass a more approachable, intuitive password manager that anyone can use. We focused on thoughtful design improvements and helpful new features for a less complicated online life.

So join us today in celebrating LastPass 4.0, and dive into our new features!

Highlights from LastPass 4.0 include:

  • A new look and feel, featuring a more visual vault experience with big icons, simpler navigation, and bolder colors.
  • Emergency Access for the peace of mind that trusted friends and family can manage your data in case of an emergency.
  • A new Sharing Center that offers one, central location to easily manage shared passwords in a secure, encrypted way, including Shared Folders for Premium and Enterprise users.
  • Plus lots of behind-the-scenes improvements for better speed, performance, and security.

New Look & Feel

In a nutshell, LastPass 4.0 is more modern. We redesigned the vault, the browser extension menus, and the web vault at LastPass is faster, more intuitive, and more approachable for current and new users. Here’s what you’ll see when you dive in:


Enable Emergency Access

As much as we don’t like to think about planning for unforeseen emergencies, we never want to leave our loved ones without access to the passwords they need, like being able to pay the mortgage and manage credit card bills, or carry out our final wishes.

Emergency Access-1

Emergency Access now lets you designate trusted family or friends who should have access to your vault in case of an emergency. You decide how long of a waiting period should be required before they have access to your passwords and notes. During the waiting period, you’ll be able to decline their request to access your vault, if they shouldn’t have access at that time.

Designate your Emergency Access contact(s) in your vault and get your family and friends started with LastPass today. Should the worst happen, they’ll have what they need to manage accounts on your behalf.

How is Emergency Access secure? When you set up Emergency Access, your vault is encrypted locally and then synced with LastPass. LastPass stores the encrypted data until it’s released after the waiting period you specify, and only the Emergency Access contact has the key to be able to decrypt and access your vault. It’s inaccessible to LastPass, and to other outside parties. Please see our more in-depth technical explanation of public-private key cryptography here.

Meet the Sharing Center

Just say no to emailing or texting passwords, or writing them down on scraps of paper. Whether you need to share passwords with your spouse for joint accounts or you’re using LastPass Enterprise for your team, the new Sharing Center offers one convenient place to manage all your shared items.

Sharing Center

You’ll see tabs for items that you’re sharing with others, for items that others are sharing with you, and for Shared Folders. In each tab, you can review who has access to which passwords or notes, share new items, or remove someone’s access at any time. Plus, you can check if someone’s received the password you shared with them, and remind them if they haven’t accepted it.

If you’re using LastPass Premium or LastPass Enterprise, you can also manage your Shared Folders from the Sharing Center. Create new folders, add new people to the folders, adjust their permissions, and remove them any time.

The Sharing Center gives you all the tools you need to keep shared passwords encrypted, backed up, and under control.

Updating to 4.0

Over the next several weeks, we will incrementally autoupdate all Free, Premium, and Enterprise users to 4.0. No action is needed for the automatic update in your browser(s). If you’d prefer not to wait for the autoupdate, though, you can always download the latest updates from our downloads page.

LastPass 4.0 is available on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera) on all platforms we support (Windows, Mac, and Linux) as well as the web vault at

Mobile users of iOS and Android will also enjoy access to the new features and improvements like the big icons and Emergency Access.

Toggling Back to 3.0

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.07.54 PM (2)Though we think you’ll enjoy the new look and feel of LastPass 4.0, for now you can continue to toggle between the 3.0 design and the new 4.0 design. Just launch your vault and click the profile icon on the top right to switch back and forth. We’ll continue to offer 3.0 but will be phasing it out over the next several months.

A Look Back at 2015

While we’ve been hard at work on LastPass 4.0, throughout the year we’ve also added many great new features and improvements to LastPass across all platforms. Some highlights include:

Plus, don’t forget that LastPass is now free on whatever platform you get started on – smartphone, desktop, or tablet!

The Same LastPass You Love, But Better

LastPass 4.0 has been a year in the making, and we’re proud to deliver an even better LastPass experience that makes password management easier for everyone. Ultimately, we’re here to secure and simplify online life for our users, and we’re working hard to make LastPass even better for you. Thanks for using LastPass and joining us in our mission to help millions more better manage their passwords.

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The LastPass Team


  • Mike Meador says:

    In a word, I hate the new “design”!!!! Bloated, WAY too much real estate consumed by useless icons. I’ve been a long-time Premium user for LastPass because I want clean functionality, not some copycat design that simply follows the lastest graphic fashion trend! Did anyone ever actually ask your users what they wanted???
    Give me a clean, compact interfact with NO icons! I’ve been set to move several family members and colleagues to LastPass; now I’m looking at alternatives.

    • Amber Gott says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, Mike. One of the top requests we heard from LastPass users over the years was to modernize the interface and make LastPass more visually appealing, and we’ve worked hard to deliver that. We hope you may give the “compact” mode a try (click the magnifying glass icon in your vault) to see if that view better suits your needs. We’ll continue to enhance LastPass 4.0 as we work to provide a password manager that is secure and easy to use.