Enhancing Productivity with Split-Screen on iOS

Multitaskers rejoice! LastPass officially supports the new split-screen features on iOS 9 for iPad, so you can be even more productive on your tablet. The new multitasking features allow you to use LastPass without ever having to leave another open app, which is especially handy when copying over passwords or other information.

With the recent iOS 9 upgrade, Apple introduced all-new split-screen multitasking features that will allow you to use two apps simultaneously so you can more easily accomplish multiple tasks at once. The new features include two multitasking modes: Slide Over and Split View. Both are available in landscape and portrait orientation.2Slide Over can be invoked by sliding your fingertip over the right edge of the screen to open a list of compatible apps. The Slide Over pane can be adjusted to take up ⅓ of the screen space. LastPass will appear in this list, so you can easily jump to the app if you want to add or copy-paste information. Tapping the left-hand window or swiping down on the Slide Over window from the top of the iPad screen allows you to switch between apps. Slide Over is supported by the iPad Mini 2 and later Mini models, the iPad Air and later Air models, and the forthcoming iPad Pro.1Split View is an even more advanced multitasking method that you can invoke by sliding the left edge of the Slide Over tray to divide the screen into two windows. Unlike Slide Over, you can work in both apps at the same time.3Again, LastPass users can conveniently have their vault open in one window and another app open in the second window, allowing for easy copy-paste or adding information to LastPass. Split View is only supported on the iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro.

What do you think of the new iOS 9 multitasking features?

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