Sharing Passwords on iOS is Easy

Do you ever need to share a password with a partner or spouse so you both can pay the bills, check joint banking accounts, or login to the family Netflix account? Or maybe you’re working on a project with a friend, and need to send them the passwords they need to login to a few accounts?

Now you can conveniently share those passwords, right from your iPhone, with LastPass! (Android users, just tap an item in your vault and select “Share Item”.) You can conveniently send a password to anyone with just a few taps, so you both have the passwords you need to get things done. Here’s the highlights:

Share sites and notes

Any time you need to share an item, just launch the LastPass app and search for the item in the vault. Tap the item and select “Share” from the action menu. Enter the email address for the recipient, and send it on its way.


The shared data is encrypted just like any other data you store in LastPass, so you know it’s safely shared with the other person. No more jotting passwords down on bits of paper or reading passwords out loud.

If they don’t have a LastPass account, don’t worry! We’ll help them get started, and then they can automatically accept the item you shared with them.

Make passwords visible or hidden

Say you need to share a login with someone, but you don’t want them making changes to the password, or even seeing the password. When you share a password, you can choose whether to make it “hidden”. If the password is hidden, they won’t be able to view it from the LastPass app, or make changes to the password field.


Unshare when you’re done

No longer working on that project, so no longer need to share passwords? Not to worry, you can easily unshare an item whenever you need to. Note that when you unshare an item, we strongly recommend updating the password!


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  • Kelsey says:

    To all who are concerned about LogMeIn’s acquisition of LastPass:

    I think that you should take a look at Security Now529: Joe Siegrist of LastPass. I don’t trust LogMeIn but I do trust Joe and for the time being he seems to be remaining with LastPass. If he disappears I would bail but I don’t know of any better solution right now.

    I am assuming that you can copy and paste the follow link to watch:

  • Terry says:

    I have no other place to put this comment.
    I have been a paying customer of last pass premium for over 3 years. I used to recommend it to all my friends and family. No more after you joined Logmein.
    I’m really disappointed that I have to look for another password manager. I will tell friends family and coworkers to do the same.
    I cannot think of a worse organization that Logmein who went back on their promise to keep the service ‘always free’. Their/your CEO has zero credibility.
    I hope the lastpass team will leave after their commitment and create a competing product and kick logmein’s ass. Someone will.

    • Davey126 says:

      Right – and the other guys are better? I am NO fan of LogMeIn both for their questionable marketing/subscription practices and rolling back previous promises. However, their security practices have always been first rate which is what matters in the short term. Where they take LP from a feature and price perspective will determine if we maintain a long term business relationship.

  • Frank says:

    So, this is the beginning of the END!
    As I can’t comment on the LogMeIn post anymore, I’ll do it here: as a LP premium customer with a Yubikey and all, tell me please WHY THE HELL I should TRUST the company that blatantly LIED to all their customers and sold out in the first place? Please address that issue!

  • ksz says:

    Turning off comments on the LogMeIn blogpost and not listening to user concerns… how very nice of you.

  • Ralph says:

    I’m having trouble with the LastPass app now on my PC Windows 10. When I open some sites LastPass does not enter my users name or password. Other sites such as Google and Google email Last Pass fills in the user ID and password (and I’ve checked, it is the correct password) but the Google mail will not open. I must manually type in the username and password. If I uninstall LastPass and re-install it, will I loose all the passwords currently stored in LastPass? Ralph End