Security Check-Up 2015: Do You Pass?

It’s October, which means National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is back! LastPass is once again an NCSAM champion, so this month we’ll be sharing general security advice as well as important tips on how to get the most out of LastPass and its security features.

Let’s kick off NCSAM this month with a security check-up. Even with the best intentions, we sometimes put off making the changes we need to for far too long. Delay no more! Start making improvements now with our roundup of to-do’s:

Security To-Do’s

Clear out data stored in your browser(s). Don’t let passwords, credit cards, and other personal data lurk in your browser(s) where there’s few security features to lock them down. Review and remove any saved information. (Here’s where to find them.)

checkbox_uncheckedRun updates to your software. If you’ve been skipping all those prompts to update your browsers and other programs, now’s the time to run them. Reboot your computer and relaunch any apps or browsers to let updates run.

checkbox_uncheckedUninstall unused apps. You’ve probably downloaded software, browser extensions, and smartphone apps that you never really got around to using. Use your device’s control panel to review installed apps or programs, and remove those you no longer use.

checkbox_uncheckedRun antivirus, if you aren’t already. That goes for you Mac users, too. Everyone should be running antivirus software on computers and smartphones to defend against common malware and viruses. There are many free and paid options available.

checkbox_uncheckedAdd timeout locks to your devices. Setting a lock on your desktop or smartphone is an easy but effective way to prevent someone from getting in. Set a timeout after a few minutes of inactivity and choose a complex PIN or passcode to unlock it.

checkbox_uncheckedBackup your data. Whether you choose a hard drive or a cloud service, create a system to backup your photos, documents, and other personal files. And then make sure you do it regularly, especially if it’s not set to auto-backup!

LastPass To-Do’s


checkbox_uncheckedUse a password manager. If you’re reading this, you probably already use LastPass. But if you’re new to password management, download LastPass for free today so you can organize your passwords and encrypt them for safe storage.

checkbox_uncheckedKeep your email address(es) up-to-date. Check your email and security email addresses in account settings. If either changed, update them now. Many important LastPass security features require email access, so keep your LastPass account up-to-date.

checkbox_uncheckedTurn on two-factor authentication. Two steps are more secure than one. With two-factor authentication, you require what you know (a master password) and something you have (a code or key) before accessing your vault. LastPass supports many options.

checkbox_uncheckedAudit passwords with the Security Challenge. Are your passwords strong enough? Launch the Security Challenge from your vault to find weak, reused, old, and compromised passwords, then make them stronger and improve your score.

checkbox_uncheckedSet autologoff. Keep your LastPass account safe from prying eyes by logging off automatically. In the LastPass browser extension, open the Preferences menu to enable autologoff automatically after the browser is closed or goes idle.

checkbox_uncheckedReview trusted devices. From your LastPass vault, open the Account Settings and review both your trusted devices as well as your mobile devices. Remove any that you no longer use or that you no longer want to be “trusted” by LastPass.

checkbox_uncheckedShare LastPass with friends and family. Help others use stronger passwords that will keep them safe online. Use the friend referral option so you both earn Premium benefits!

Whether you tackle these all at once or tick off a couple each day, these to-do’s will get you in tip-top security shape for NCSAM. Subscribe to our blog to follow along with our NCSAM series throughout the month of October as well as stay up-to-date on important happenings here at LastPass!


  • Jim Buchanan says:

    Should a person download a newer version of LastPass every so often?

    • Rusty Rebar says:

      It updates itself, but if you are smart you will start looking for a different alternative since the LogMeIn sale.

      • Matthew Robertson says:

        I believe that remains to be seen. Have a little faith they will not bork it up. I am still recommending this to anyone who asks.

  • Robert Sullivan says:

    When will your batch auto password change feature work with other browsers, IE11 in my case. I don’t want to install Chrome. Thank you.