How Increased Their Password Security likes to practice what they teach: Internet safety. Since 2013, has been on a mission to increase participation and diversity in computer science. As an expanding non-profit, they design curriculum, train teachers, partner with school districts, and raise awareness to ensure that more students learn computer science.

The Challenge: Managing Team Passwords

A growing team managing projects across the United States and an increase in staff turnover led to concerns over password security. To address those concerns, sought out a solution to centralize passwords in one secure system. The entire team needed quick, flexible access to numerous accounts and tools they use to organize workshops, service students, and grow the organization. also needed to ensure that as employees were leaving the organization or when short-term contractors were utilized on a project basis, they were not putting the organization at risk. They also needed to ensure that remaining staff still had access to necessary accounts and tools. It was critical to control the onboarding and offboarding process, as well as maintain oversight of who had access to which passwords.

The Solution: LastPass Enterprise implemented LastPass Enterprise, a centralized, cost-effective team password manager that saves user’s passwords and then logs in on their behalf to any password-protected websites. Just like the personal edition of LastPass, employees enjoy access to their accounts from every computer and mobile device, while management can ensure that employees only have access to the necessary passwords and don’t put the organization at risk when they leave.

Now, when staff leave the organization, passwords are accounted for and won’t be lost or at risk of being compromised. Rather, admins maintain control over all company passwords and re-assign them to the necessary team members, while departing employee accounts are deactivated or deleted as needed.

Passwords can also be securely shared in an encrypted format among staff members who need to access many shared accounts. When new employees join the team, they can be quickly provisioned with the shared accounts they need to start contributing to the organization. Plus, detailed reporting logs allow administrators to tie specific events back to specific employees, even when the password is shared among many members of the team.

By implementing LastPass Enterprise, has addressed their concerns about password security within the organization, and benefited from the productivity perks, too. The onboarding and offboarding processes have been simplified, while ensuring that administrators maintain oversight of company passwords. Team members can easily share passwords, allowing for increased productivity and collaboration.

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