LastPass Service Interruptions

Service Interruption Update


On Wednesday afternoon, we observed an increase in latency in one of our datacenters. This was tracked to I/O spikes on one of our databases.  We started seeing drive errors and began replacing the affected drives. During this same period, several other servers went down at once and one did not recover.  We suspect this was due to a brief power issue but are continuing to investigate. We immediately remediated the issues and estimate that the ultimate connectivity impact was to the web-based features of our service for approximately 25% of our users.

Although these circumstances were unusual, we are actively taking steps to further increase our resiliency moving forward. As always, our customers are our first priority and we apologize for any inconvenience this downtime may have caused.



On Wednesday, May 27th, LastPass experienced some intermittent connectivity issues on  As of 4:21pm EST, all users have full access to their LastPass accounts online.

Remember, you always have access to your locally stored vault via your extension or mobile app in offline mode.

We will report back as soon as possible as to the reason for the outage.  We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.


  • Michael G. Garlanger says:

    When I try to access my vault through Safari’s extention, LastPass shows that I am logged on but does not respond. LastPass does function through Safari when I go to web sites, but I have to log in to LastPass from the LastPass website to do anything in LastPass. When I went to the website I noticed that you had problems on 28 May however I did not find this problem until the 29th.

  • Gavin says:

    If I read the update, I am to believe that the following occurre simultaneously:
    1. A traffic surge, I/O, unrelated to any new launch – significant enough to cause server AND drive failures

    2. A power outage or disruption

    This is like saying that your vehicle was simultaneously hit by lightning and a bus.

    Please continue to update. This does not smell right.

    • william maynard says:


      i wanted to tell you that from an electricial contractors point of view…:), power fluctuations, (up or down), can easily cause damage to electronic components. i see this all the time, where the utility serves low power briefly, and connected devices burn power supply controllers, which causes a fail, but saves the larger bulk of the circuit, hopefully for repair. if you can’t trust a blog, why trust the program? i’ve used lastpass for years, i trust them more than i trust me…:)