Auto-Password Change, Now Available in the LastPass Security Challenge

Security Challenge

We’re always looking for features and improvements to LastPass that help you reduce daily annoyances and hassles. For many of you, password changes are one of those inconvenient realities. When websites are hacked, we know we should change our passwords and generate new, secure ones, but we often avoid it if it’s going to take too long.

With our redesigned Security Challenge, we’re helping you create stronger passwords and improve your security, faster than ever before. The LastPass Security Challenge now gives you an audit of your passwords that is more intelligent and actionable, with known breaches prioritized. You’ll still have a full analysis of all passwords in your vault, with the option to update passwords immediately so you can keep improving your password hygiene.

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How Secure Is My Password?

Wondering how secure your passwords are? The redesigned Security Challenge now tells you at a glance with a simplified password analysis. Your unique security score and ranking are displayed at the top of the new dashboard, and you can quickly assess the strength of your master password, too.

The results of your full password analysis are now conveniently divided into vulnerable, weak, duplicate, and old passwords, so you can easily identify which passwords to update first. With a secure, random password generated for each website you can improve your security score and better protect your accounts from hackers in the process.

Improve Your Score

Change Passwords, Hands-Free

Now you can use Auto-Password Change directly from the LastPass Security Challenge in Chrome and Safari. Just select the sites you want LastPass to update with new passwords, and launch Auto-Password Change to instantly replace those passwords.

LastPass does all the work in the background. If the website needs you to take action to complete the password change, LastPass will prompt you automatically so you can complete the verification step required, like filling in a captcha or completing an email verification.

One Click Change

Many Changes, One Click

Wish you could change multiple passwords at the same time? Now you can. Auto-Password Change now supports multiple password changes at once, with just one click.

We continue to support more websites with Auto-Password Change, but for any websites that do not yet support Auto-Password Change, you can launch the website directly from the Security Challenge and follow the standard steps for using the password generator to replace those passwords.

An Essential Tool

For anyone looking to improve their passwords, and minimize the inconvenience of making those changes, the LastPass Security Challenge is an essential security tool. With a detailed analysis of your LastPass vault, the Security Challenge gives you key information about how many passwords you have stored, how strong they are, and critical updates you need to make to stay safe online. Launch the Security Challenge any time from your LastPass vault or from  your LastPass browser extension to put your passwords to the test!

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