New! The LastPass Mac App Is Here.

By January 20, 2015 Product Updates 57 Comments

You asked, we listened, and now it’s here! LastPass for Mac is approved and available in the App Store today. Packed with the password management features you love, our latest addition to the LastPass family is perfect for your Mac.

Get LastPass for Mac Now

With convenient new features like Quick Search, you have instant access to logins, passwords, and the other important details you’ve stored in LastPass. We’re bringing a fresh design, and giving you more ways to use and manage your data. LastPass for Mac is the hub for your online life, so that throughout the day, at work and at home, you can get more done and be more secure.

Here’s a tour of the features that make this app a must-have for any Mac user:

Faster Online Logins

Our favorite feature in the LastPass Mac App is the Quick Search. Whenever you need to find a password or Secure Note, just call up the Quick Search with the Shift+Command+L hotkey (⇧⌘L) or from the LastPass Menu Bar Icon.


It lets you instantly find what you need, so you can keep interruptions to your workflow to a minimum. Once the Quick Search is open, enter a keyword to find any login or Secure Note and use the Launch button to open the website in your default browser. Then LastPass instantly fills the username and password, and logs in for you.

A Streamlined Workflow

Just like our browser extensions and mobile apps, LastPass for Mac offers a Vault where you can conveniently edit, organize, and manage your passwords, Secure Notes, and more. It’s the same experience you’re accustomed to in the browser, optimized for the Mac desktop.


LastPass for Mac is also built to offer the same convenient offline access available with the LastPass browser extensions. Your data is backed up automatically with a secure local copy, so it’s available even without an Internet connection. And when you connect again, LastPass securely syncs your data so your Vault is always up-to-date.

Real-Time Security

LastPass has always focused on helping you create stronger passwords and keeping you informed of your progress in improving your online security. The Security Challenge in the Mac app gives a real-time analysis on the strength of your passwords and a snapshot of your security score. By helping you immediately identify weak and duplicate passwords, you can replace them with new, generated passwords, so you know you’re taking the right steps to protect your digital identity.

Get It Now

So what are you waiting for! Head to the Mac App Store now to download the LastPass Mac App for free:

We also recommend downloading the LastPass Safari extension to pair with the LastPass Mac App, for the best experience in the browser. And if you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, be sure to download and trial our LastPass Premium app from the iTunes app store, so you’ll always have your passwords, no matter what device you’re using.


  • twinkle tonto says:

    Can’t seem to log in when the app is running(mac for lastpass) with my lastpass in the browser

  • Noman says:

    It’s a great news for mac user :) thanks for this update.I love lastpass

  • Marty Bird says:

    Love LastPass and have been using it for years. Installed successfully but my default browser (Chrome) launches two tabs when I click the launch icon for the site I want to go to in the LastPass app. Any way to make it only launch one?

  • EnvyAndroid says:

    A few bugs:
    -Opening preferences, then pressing Ok, makes the LP ui unable to receive keyboard input…
    -Passord strength meter does not trigger on generated passwords, only if you type inside it.

    -No option for collapsing all Foldernames, to get an overview. (Or you could show a folder list in the left column…)
    -No right click option to copy username or pw
    -No file attachment support

    I guess it’s an ok start. But I hope you will improve on it.

  • Anonymous says:

    There seems to be a conflict with Safari Extension and the OS X version. I can’t login to both at the same time. Are others having this problem?

  • Finney says:

    Does the Mac app give users the option to store data locally and not sync to the cloud. I need to use a password manager at work, however my company’s strict data policies forbid us to use cloud-based password managers. As a result I use another product. Many people at my office use LastPass at home, and we would all jump on the chance to use it at work as well, even if it required a second premium subscription to maintain a separate work account that only synced locally.

    • Amber Gott says:

      There’s currently no way to turn off the automatic sync. If there might be an opportunity to share more about our local-only encryption and how LastPass works on the back-end, we’re happy to be of help in making the case for LastPass at your workplace!

      • Finney says:

        Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of where the data is encrypted, but a matter of where the data is stored. It’s a large company and the data policy is the data policy. We can’t even store encrypted data on servers unless they are company controlled servers. We are encouraged to use password management software and follow best practices for having complex passwords, however our choices are limited to programs that store data locally, which range from open source to other commercial products. The common denominator is that data is stored locally. (I don’t like the restriction, but I do have to follow it!)