Can You Spot the Insecurities?

Ready for a little brain teaser?

Here on the LastPass blog we talk a lot about the importance of cyber security and what you can do to better protect yourself online. Regularly testing that knowledge is an important part of staying sharp and keeping your data safe. Whether it’s walking away from our workstation before taking the necessary security precautions or storing information in unsafe places, we all need to know how to spot the insecurities in our day-to-day lives so we can keep improving our security at home and in the workplace.

Taking a look at the picture below, you’ll see that Bob walked away from his desk. There are mistakes he made that not only put his passwords and online identity at risk, but that also put his financial and physical security at risk, too.

Can you spot the 10 things he’s left unguarded on his desk?

Click the image below to see a full size version:


Ready for the answers? Click here to see the the 10 insecurities – and challenge someone else to find them, too!




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  • Matthew Sims says:

    From top to bottom left->right. There’s more than 10 insecure things and some of the stuff you’ve listed in the “correct image” are actually wrong.

    1. Computer left logged in with list of passwords in a spreadsheet. The passwords are all weak and often reused. however there is no column to describe what each password refers to.

    2. LastPass is logged in (red icon in corner of browser)

    3. VOIP phone logged in. Someone could listen in to voice mails or make outgoing calls on someone else’s account

    4. MacBook logged in. However despite it being left on a Google Account log-in page with completed credentials the username is not a valid username and as the browser is in Incognito mode it doesn’t matter that the ‘stay logged in’ box is ticked because it will get cleared when the tab is closed.

    5. Google Chrome needs updating (orange lines icon)

    6. Username/password combination attached to post-it note.

    7. USB pen drive

    8. Keys on desk

    9. Wallet on desk

    10. ID/access card on desk

    11. Book of passwords on desk

    12. RSA key left on desk

    13. Book on how Google works. Whoever gets this would know the secrets to accessing everyone’s Gmails or Google Drives!!!!! /s

  • Very surprised no one saw that Lastpass was logged into in the browser on the desktop. The icon is red and showing a number 1