Introducing LastPass for iOS 8.

By September 8, 2014 Mobile 96 Comments
Following Apple’s announcement of iOS 8 in June, we’ve been hard at work to bring the platform’s new security and authentication features to the LastPass mobile experience. Now with the impending release of the platform, we’re thrilled to announce the LastPass app will be available for iOS 8 with Touch ID integration and a Safari extension for automated web logins. This marks a tremendous shift in our ability to bring a seamless login experience to LastPass users on iOS.

The LastPass Safari Extension

iOS 8 now allows third-party apps like ours to integrate directly into Safari as an extension. Once enabled in the browser, this means LastPass can fill web logins instantly without a user ever leaving the browser. The extension gives direct access to the LastPass vault, so you can use stored logins or save new accounts in less steps.

Touch ID Integration

With the release of the iPhone 5S, Apple launched Touch ID, a new fingerprint identity sensor for authenticating on iOS. By touching the Home button, the sensor reads your fingerprint, allowing you to unlock your phone and authorize other actions on your device.

For added security, you also have the option to enable Touch ID to unlock your LastPass vault to access your stored accounts. While browsing in Safari and launching the LastPass extension, you can respond to the Touch ID prompt to authorize LastPass to fill a web login.

A New Mobile Experience

Together, the LastPass Safari extension and the Touch ID integration allow us to provide a more streamlined, secure authentication experience for our iOS users. We hope to see Apple continue in this direction and provide even more flexibility for third-party security providers on iOS.

You’ll be able to grab the LastPass app from the iTunes app store within the next few weeks, and we’ll soon have demonstrations of how these new features will work in the LastPass app. Note the iOS app is part of our LastPass Premium service for $12 per year.


  • Anonymous says:

    LastPass you state you don’t have third-party app integration. Is there a technical reason or a business reason? I’ve seen 1Password has working integration with a number of apps.

    Please state your intention so users can make an informed decision about which password manager to use.


    • Casey C says:

      I second this. The only reason I’m leaning towards 1Password right now over LastPass is they seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to iOS 8 and more extensive app integration.

  • Admin says:

    Can someone please explain how Touch ID works with LP? I would have expected it provided two factor authentication where Touch ID was the first level and the master password was the second, but that does not seem to be the case…

  • Anonymous says:

    @IanNeubert – very good question, would love to see response to that from LastPass

  • Anonymous says:

    “Once enabled in the browser” You need to elaborate on this process for those who don’t know how to enable extensions yet. I had to Google it and 1Password people had a article on it and I figured it out from them.

  • Ian Neubert says:

    Using Touch ID to unlock lastpass how does the lastpass app decrypt the data? Is it storing the master password somehwere in order to do that? If so, how is the data being stored? Would you say that using Touch ID is more or less secure than using only the master password?

  • Anonymous says:

    Can’t get it to work with non-safari apps as there is often no extension and you can no longer paste the password from the keyboard klike you used to be able to. Anyone else getting this. Worse than before really as before it was slow but worked with all apps.