Introducing LastPass for iOS 8.

By September 8, 2014 Mobile 96 Comments
Following Apple’s announcement of iOS 8 in June, we’ve been hard at work to bring the platform’s new security and authentication features to the LastPass mobile experience. Now with the impending release of the platform, we’re thrilled to announce the LastPass app will be available for iOS 8 with Touch ID integration and a Safari extension for automated web logins. This marks a tremendous shift in our ability to bring a seamless login experience to LastPass users on iOS.

The LastPass Safari Extension

iOS 8 now allows third-party apps like ours to integrate directly into Safari as an extension. Once enabled in the browser, this means LastPass can fill web logins instantly without a user ever leaving the browser. The extension gives direct access to the LastPass vault, so you can use stored logins or save new accounts in less steps.

Touch ID Integration

With the release of the iPhone 5S, Apple launched Touch ID, a new fingerprint identity sensor for authenticating on iOS. By touching the Home button, the sensor reads your fingerprint, allowing you to unlock your phone and authorize other actions on your device.

For added security, you also have the option to enable Touch ID to unlock your LastPass vault to access your stored accounts. While browsing in Safari and launching the LastPass extension, you can respond to the Touch ID prompt to authorize LastPass to fill a web login.

A New Mobile Experience

Together, the LastPass Safari extension and the Touch ID integration allow us to provide a more streamlined, secure authentication experience for our iOS users. We hope to see Apple continue in this direction and provide even more flexibility for third-party security providers on iOS.

You’ll be able to grab the LastPass app from the iTunes app store within the next few weeks, and we’ll soon have demonstrations of how these new features will work in the LastPass app. Note the iOS app is part of our LastPass Premium service for $12 per year.


  • Anonymous says:

    The Lastpass extension for Mercury Ipad does not work. When you submit your login information, it states that you need a newer version of Lastpass.

    I just downloaded it again from itunes and I have the latest pro version of Mercury.

    Has anyone got it working yet?

    • Amber Gott says:

      Do you have multifactor authentication enabled? It’s possible that’s causing the error. I believe Mercury did some integration work but it’s not officially supported – we recommend using our Safari extension or iCab.

  • Can’t get safari extension to work. tried several times. Proper text to paste is never there in clipboard. Example page shows javascript text, but what I get is the last web site url I visited when I tap the paste button.

  • Anonymous says:

    IPAD + IOS8

    I can use icon LP no pb for go inside a website using Safari

    The problem : after i turn off my ipad air, and turn on again : my previous website open again on safari with my previous login !?! What’s the point ?

    Normally, if turn off ipad, all infos should disapear no ? then use again LP on Safari for log in again ?

    So LP for what ?

    On Internet Explorer it’s perfect, everytime i turn off my PC and turn on, nothing stay, i must use LP for login, I WANT SAME FOR IOS8 PLEASE

  • Anonymous says:

    On my 5c, I had to tap the up-arrow symbol, swipe to “More…” and enable LastPass. To use it I have to tap the up-arrow symbol, swipe to “LastPass” button and tap & select the login. It is better that I don’t have to launch the separate app, but it is still awkward. I think I’ll stick with Chrome + LastPass app until this gets worked out…..not worth switching browsers yet.

  • Anonymous says:

    Please integrate Touch ID to open the LastPass app in lieu of entering the master password (like I can do now with the fingerprint reader on my laptop). This would make using the app on a small mobile device much more convenient without reducing security.