Get LastPass for iOS 8 Today!

By September 17, 2014 Mobile 182 Comments

The LastPass app for iOS 8 is here! As we announced last week, our updated app now fills your web logins with our new LastPass extension for Safari, and offers Touch ID integration for an even easier mobile authentication experience.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to these new features and show you how they work:

With this app update, we’re introducing a mobile experience that’s much more in-line with our vision … one that’s faster, simpler, and more powerful than ever on iOS.

Once you’ve updated your device to iOS 8, getting started with the new LastPass extension in Safari and the Touch ID integration requires a few simple setup steps:

The one-time setup steps include enabling Touch ID in the LastPass app and toggling the LastPass extension in Safari; please refer to our user manual for a more detailed walk-through.

Grab these new features by downloading or updating the LastPass app from the App Store after you’ve upgraded to iOS 8. A free 2-week trial is available for the LastPass app before upgrading to LastPass Premium for unlimited mobile sync.


  • Anonymous says:

    I had a difficult time listening to the audio on these two videos. Can LP either adjust the equalization (more emphasis on higher frequences) or use another presenter? Many times the presenter’s words seemed to run together and was very soft spoken. Thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    You guys need touch id on the master password. 1Password kicking butt. :(

  • Anonymous says:

    Question: Great news about extending LastPass to Safari logins in iOS, but what about iOS apps? For example, I can now use my LastPass password to log in to my Amazon account when viewing in Safari. However, I do not see any way of having LastPass enter my credentials when logging in to Amazon’s iOS app. Is there some way of accomplishing this? Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      To reply to my own post, the user manual says this isn’t possible:

      “Logging into other Apps — Apple’s limitation on the types of interactions/communication that takes place between iOS apps prevents us from being able to auto fill passwords into other apps from the LastPass app. And while launching some apps is possible, we do not support it because Apple’s URL scheme-based system cannot be generalized to work with all apps, and we cannot guarantee that the app launched is the correct application, since multiple apps can register for the same URL scheme.”

    • Amber Gott says:

      Thanks for the follow-up, it is something we’re actively looking into though and hope to provide this for our users.

  • Anonymous says:

    I also vote for touchID integration. It is frustrating to have to enter in the long password each time. The update released this week did not address it.
    Big fan of the product — let’s just keep it competitive.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a premium user as well and the lack of touch ID support is disappointing. Touch ID is “supported” but only after you type in your password.

    This is possible with apple’s new programming and I really hope that this is on the roadmap for the future.

  • Jon Kunze says:

    First of all, I absolutely love this product, and the new addition to the iOS 8 version.

    Is there a way to make the LastPass extension not auto-submit the form when it fills it in? If there is a captcha involved in the login process, that usually comes after the user name and password. Many times I auto fill the login details with the LastPass extension, only to realize after that there was a captcha that still needed completed. Then I have to start over again.