LastPass Update for Android Prepares for Chrome Mobile Changes

By August 26, 2014 Mobile 12 Comments
We’re excited to announce that we have released an update to our Android app with improvements to our app autofill feature to accommodate changes that Google Chrome mobile will be rolling out in the next few weeks. For our Premium users, this means you will continue to be able to directly autofill logins in Chrome mobile!

For those of you who have been running Chrome Beta on your Android devices, you likely noticed that a recent update to the browser disabled LastPass’ ability to autofill directly into the browser and complete your logins for you. In an effort to employ stricter security policies, Google has moved to disable JavaScript injections on Chrome mobile, which LastPass relies on to automatically fill in your credentials as you log in to websites on the mobile browser.

After diligent work in investigating the new architecture, we have been able to update our functionality to be compatible with Google Chrome’s changes. LastPass will still be able to detect when you’re on a login page while browsing on Google Chrome, and you can continue to autofill usernames and passwords directly into the login fields with the LastPass prompts. You’ll continue to benefit from the ease of one tap to securely log into a site.

The update is now available in the Google Play Store. If you are interested in trying the LastPass Android app you can download it and try it out for 2 weeks for free. The upgrade to LastPass Premium is $12 per year for unlimited mobile sync and access to other Premium features.


  • Anonymous says:

    Does this affect the use of bookmarklets in chrome on Android?

  • G 尉遲恭 says:

    Well, I paid for the premium last pass product, but I cannot get it to fill in passwords.

    Here is what I want :

    1. I want to fill in all of the passwords I use ONE TIME ONLY on LastPass

    2. I want to set the LastPass settings so that every time I use my Android phone, tablet, Windows Laptop, Linux PC, I will never need to type in any more password.

    3. I also wish to set all computers so that I WILL NOT NEED TO TYPE IN THE LastPass master password more than once when I first install the software.

    4. No one local has access to my computers. So I only want to keep my accounts secure from Internet based risks, and NOT from anyone getting physical access to my computers, which will never happen.


    • Samir says:

      I don’t understand your #1, but I too do #2 and #3. I’ve been a LastPass user for many years and quite happy. Maybe check your settings for remembering the password ?The only time it asks me for the master is if it had a network problem, and then it likes to verify. I assure, what you ask for in #2 and #3 is quite possible, and the main reason I use LastPass. If you can explain #1 better, that would help.

    • G 尉遲恭 says:

      Thank you for your reply:
      In other words, I do not care about local security on my own computers. Therefore, I just want to type in the Master LastPass Password one time into each computer, and not need to type it in again.
      Then, each time I boot the computer, the LastPass vault and LastPass functions will operate without any further intervention on my part, and I will not be asked again to type in any passwords a second time.
      Normally, with my Android device, each time I close LastPass, or turn off the phone, I will be asked to retype the password when I reboot, or restart.
      I do NOT want to go to this trouble. I want LastPass to remember my passwords, all of them, and I do not care if this is a security issues.
      How do I do that?

    • Samir says:

      I’m the same way. I never have to type in my LastPass password, unless, as I said, there is some network connectivity problem and then it asks for it. On Android, try to check if your remember password is set. I never have to enter it in my Android, so it definitely is possible.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. The Android app asks me for a password every time I use it “verify” it says. Super annoying, my phone is secure and typing my master password is extremely difficult on the phone as I use a very long password. I will probably stop using it because I cannot use the phone app without spending 10 minuets typing the master password (yes I have remember checked)

    • Anonymous says:

      The android app has a setting so you can enter a 4 digit Pin instead of your master password, that could help.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also try disabling “password reprompt on activate”

  • G 尉遲恭 says:

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  • Bryan says:

    Thanks for the update! I have been using the BETA version of Chrome for a while and really miss the autofill.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the proactive efforts! Any chance this functionality could also work with Firefox for Android?

  • If I may ask, how does LastPass for Android now fill in to Chrome?