Logging Into Android Apps Just Got Easier

By March 25, 2014 Mobile 391 Comments
We’ve been hard at work to bring the latest in login technology to our Android experience. We’re excited to announce that the LastPass app for Android now autofills logins for your mobile apps, as well as websites in Chrome for Android.

Our updated Android app, which is part of our Premium service, is now available at the Google Play Store. Note that the new feature is available for apps on devices running Android 4.1 and later, and for Chrome on devices running Android 4.3 and later. Note that on Android 4.1 and 4.2, LastPass cannot autofill into apps, and will show copy buttons instead, and some apps may require that you manually paste the data.

So what makes this new functionality so awesome? It brings the same LastPass experience you’re used to on the desktop to all of your mobile apps and Chrome. When you launch a mobile app, LastPass can now detect that a username and password field are shown, and hover with a prompt for you to select a matching login. The new functionality eliminates more typing and tapping, making the mobile experience that much more fluid.

How It Works

To get started, the latest release of LastPass needs to be installed on your Android device. Once you’ve logged into LastPass, you will be prompted to enable the new functionality.

Then, you can launch an app of your choice from your homescreen. Once that app is launched, LastPass will detect the username and password fields. A pop-up will be displayed, prompting you to select a matching login that is stored in your vault.

Or, the prompt lets you know that no matching logins are stored for that app. If LastPass can’t find a matching login for the app, it will let you search your vault.

If you find the site login you need after searching your vault, LastPass will store that association, so it will match the entry in your vault automatically next time you use that specific app.

We’re also crowdsourcing app associations! Share your association with other LastPass users, and benefit from others sharing theirs, so LastPass can match more apps with sites automatically. When you confirm an app association, you will see an option to share it with other LastPass users.

New to LastPass on Android? Our app can be trialed for free for 2 weeks, simply search for LastPass at the Google Play store on your device and login with your LastPass account to start the trial. We also support the Dolphin HD and Firefox mobile browsers with LastPass addons, both part of our Premium service as well.

If you’re ready to upgrade to LastPass Premium, you can do so at https://lastpass.com/premium.php at any time.


  • GreenGo says:

    WTF is wrong. Lastpass screw up my banking password. It generate and then it saves it but when I try to login again it failed. Its not even working on chrome mobile. I can only reset my banking password once every 24 hours and now I am stuck. Good going Lastpass. You failed exactly at the point where I needed you.

    • Amber Gott says:

      We’re sorry to hear of the trouble, we’d like to take a closer look and fix this if possible. Please submit details to our team: https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php – and include the URL of your bank, the browser and operating system you’re using, and any observations you made as you were using LastPass to change your password.

  • Lastpass is amazing app. i am a premium member..all premium features are awosome

  • Bob De Dea says:

    This is absolutely what I’ve been waiting for! Yay!!

    Quick question: When the LastPass requester came up and asked if I would like to use LP to open the app next time, I accidentally said “No” instead of “Yes” – how can I correct this?

    :) Bob

  • Clark Newman says:

    The pop-up just crashed on my HTC One- It covered the screen and I couldn’t click on it to cancel it or put in my master password. I had to reboot my phone.

  • Thanks for posting this update. It is indeed helpful. Cheers!

  • Zora Ferrel says:

    Thanks for sharing this great update. It is very helpful.