LastPass & Changes to Google Chrome

By December 17, 2013 Product Updates 63 Comments
The LastPass extension for Google Chrome has been updated today to address significant changes that Chrome is rolling out.

Starting in early January, Chrome is shutting off all extension updates that occur outside of the Chrome web store, in an effort to tighten security.

The update is now posted on the Google Chrome store, and we are automatically transferring over our users – most LastPass users will not need to take any action since the changes are happening behind-the-scenes.

However, some LastPass users may see a prompt for permissions to be granted to LastPass the next time they launch Chrome:

If you see this prompt, please press “Allow”. If you see this prompt, a download will start automatically – we start this download because we detect that functionality was lost in the transfer, and the download allows us to add back this functionality.

Again, most users will not need to take any further action, and the prompts for permission are not a cause for concern.

Our updates will allow LastPass users to continue running the extension without issues when Chrome is updated in January 2014, and we will update our community if any other changes will affect LastPass.

The LastPass Team.


  • Samir says:

    Finally, someone that is having the same issue I am after using CCleaner. It seems after using CCleaner, all the Chrome settings get erased and it logs out of Chrome. So I have to relogin and then it loses the settings on all my extensions and wants to reinstall LastPass. This is a big problem, but seems to be more of a Chrome problem than a LastPass problem. I end up using the vault to get my chrome (gmail) password and then use it to sign in to chrome.

  • Anonymous says:

    Am getting the below error in Last pass plugin in chrome after a cleanup with CCleaner. Hos do I fix this issue.
    Error code: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

  • Kevin M says:

    Hello! I have a bit of a problem that I (after a quick look) didn’t see answered in the comments already. I use 2 different Chrome user profiles a personal profile and a work profile. I have a LastPass account for each work and personal.

    I’ve noticed with the new download that if I log into the extension for my work account on my work Chrome Profile and then go to my Personal Chrome Profile that LastPass is logged into my work account on both. This happens in reverse as well. It used to be that each LastPass extension for each Chrome Profile acted independently. Is there a simple fix I’m missing here?

    tl;dr LastPass extension logs into same account on any Chrome Profile I’m logged into.

  • Anonymous says:

    How does LastPass compare with 1Password on a MacBook Pro retina using chrome browser?

  • windhorser says:

    Same problem as above…I lost my fingerprint log-in with the Chrome update. The fingerprint reader works for other programs, and for windows and user log-in, but it’s broken in LastPass. I get the request to swipe fingerprint, and immediately after that is done the password sign-in screen pops up. So I type in the password, which eventually becomes a nuisance because it’s a very secure password and not easy to type.

  • UM… when I enabled that “upgrade,” a few different extension viruses by Spigot were added to my Chrome browser. I removed Chrome, reinstalled it, and got rid of the malware using Malwarebytes.