LastPass 3.0: Saving and Filling Logins


With LastPass 3.0, we’ve made some big improvements to how LastPass integrates with your browser experience. LastPass 3.0 is designed to be accessible, and simpler overall – offering what you need, where and when you need it.

Here are some tips on saving and filling your logins with LastPass 3.0:

Let’s say I’m signing up for a new Evernote account. I launch, and open the signup page.

On this form, LastPass has offered a “profile” icon. If I click this, I will see my form fill profiles. If I have an email address and username stored in a profile that I prefer, I can easily select that profile to fill in those details.

Or, I can manually enter an email address and username.

Now I can click the generate password icon, to generate a strong password. I click the “use password” button to enter it into the field.

Next I select “save password to vault”. The dialog expands to show me the data I’m about to save.

I can assign it to a group, then click “save site”. A moment later, a confirmation dialog will pop up on the top right of the browser.

I’m done! When I return to, the LastPass icon will have a “1”, meaning I have 1 entry stored for

Now when I go to a site where I have an account, or multiple accounts, I’ll see the asterisk in the username and password fields.

Clicking the asterisk, I’ll see the list of my accounts, and I can easily select the one I need, then submit the login.

You can access all of the LastPass tools by selecting the red asterisk to expand the menu.

The “+” icon on the top left will let me expand the “save site” dialog.

If I go to a site, and the icons do not appear for any reason, I can click the LastPass icon, select the “show matching sites” menu, and select the login I need to autofill.

In this way, the new interface gives me quicker access to the tools I need, as I’m going about my daily online life.

If you’ve tried out LastPass 3.0 and still prefer the previous notification bars for the time being, please use our tool here: to switch your settings back to “2.0 mode”.


  • Anonymous says:

    New Question. I noticed lately (within the past few days) there is a red “show/hide” password next to where i type in my passwords. Is this new or did i click something to bring up that option?

  • Anonymous says:

    How do I add Evernote to LastPass if the Evernote account already exists? (Alas, I didn’t find this article until after I’d set up my Evernote account.)

  • Anonymous says:

    LastPass: Free Password Manager 3.1.1; NPLastPass – Version: 2.5.5; Win8, Chrome (32.0.1700.107 (Official Build 248368) m); just downloaded LastPass within the last week from the LastPass site, plugin for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store . Still seeing the problem of not being able to select a login from the list of multiple logins for a site. As stated on “Clicking the desired login will then autofill the username and password selected.” is NOT TRUE.

  • Anonymous says:

    Like many others, I am reverting back to 2.0. There are too many broken links in 3.0 and it is a nightmare to try and login to most sites. This should not have been released without some kind of beta testing by customer to ensure its usability.

  • Anonymous says:

    What bothers me most is the clickable asterisk icon in the form fields appear when I’m not logged into lastpass. There is no way that I have found to remove this “feature”. I’m running v3.0.12 in firefox.26 for win8.1. I’ve tried the ‘run in 2.x mode’ charade and checked and unchecked a number combinations of Notification options. Nothing works. When I’m not logged into LastPass, leave the page alone.

    Until I find a replacement, I just enable/disable the add-on and viola! A real pain, but for some reason the LastPass execs || devs have a need to place javascript on every page I load no matter my LastPass login state. It’s a shame really, I was so close to becoming Premium.

  • Alan says:

    re: LastPass with IPad
    User for over 3 years, mostly on Windows PCs, I have begun to use the Apple IPad more. My experience with LP on this if far from transparent, more like irksome. I am not reluctant to learn, but do appreciate a uniform experience across devices.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been using LastPass for several years, and I hate the changes made over the last couple of months. I used to get into most of my passworded websites with one click. Now I have to click two or three times, on multi-level menus that disappear if my mouse slips. Please give an option to go back to the old style.

  • Stever B says:

    Ok, good, then I’m not alone. I’ve been a user for years and after a security issue, I have just finished a few days changing my email address and passwords on every site in LastPass. It was one of the most horrible computer experiences of my life and I am as old as dirt. I had to visit and make changes to about 170 sites and I would guess that 10 or 15 of them actually updated like they should have in LastPass.

  • Jeremy says:

    Could we possibly get a “how to use” post for Android? In particular, show me the right way to use the Bank of America app (not the website) with LastPass. I just can not imagine that I’m using it the way the devs intended. The only thing that works for me is to add the copy notifications, and that makes me enter my master password twice, and even then doesn’t work well. LP 2 would at least autofill the BofA app after I entered my master pw.

  • Don says:

    I have several sites that present the login in a different window than the main page and LastPass doesn’t seem to see them. Is there a solution?

  • Matt says:

    I agree with the comments above. I feel like you are alienating your existing paying customer base. I feel like most of your customers care less about a flashy new UI, and more about a reliable secure password manager. You also shouldn’t have done a UI and feature update in one update cycle. Those two should really have been split out.

  • I’ll agree with the many other users here that the new version doesn’t work well at all. I’ve used LastPass for years, and am for the first time, looking to explore other options, as almost no sites work any more (I’m using Chrome). They get a * in the input boxes which won’t fill anythign when I click them. I have to manually copy username and pass. Doing this for dozens of sites, and getting fed up.

    • Amber Gott says:

      Hi Janssen: Sorry to hear of the trouble caused by the update. Please ensure you’re running the latest version from – several performance updates have been pushed out over the last few weeks. If you try, would you let us know if the * icons are still unresponsive?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to say that I really abhor the “new” lastpass…where I used to be able to click on “autologin” and it would prompt for the master password and then log in, I now am asked which user I am, then the master password, and then I must click login…I also do not like the fact these changes weren’t made public until several days AFTER the changes, and, at least to me, after I asked questions about it…I am seriously looking at replacement options and I have been a LastPass user/recommender for years…IMHO this was very poorly designed, handled and implemented…

  • Anonymous says:

    I am using LP 3.0.17 with Opera 19.0. The search box doesn’t appear when I click on the LP icon.

    Forgot to say that I’m using Mavericks.

  • TedL says:

    Getting a mix of problems since v3 especially if a site has already autofilled with username, just placing cursor in a password box before right-clicking results in IE opening the ‘Why not use Lastpass?’ web page.
    Still on Vista.

  • Dave Bacher says:

    Version 3 is unusable on a great many sites, across all the browsers.

    1) If you’re going to use an IFrame, it needs to be parented to the outermost document. Otherwise, you are constrained to the frame or IFrame you’re rendering in. On sites that use an IFrame for login — such as — your new UI is the worst possible user experience.

    2) You can’t use an IFrame reliably on TLS or SSL enabled sites in a modern web browser, because there’s a site option to block third party markup, and it is effective against your IFrame in every major browser.

    3) If you’re going to make a clickable star, and you’re going to populate fields when I click it, make sure to populate the field the star is actually in. For example, on Daz3D and Enmasse, you’re filling in fields on a different form instead of the ones on the form that I’m actually clicking in. Many pages have multiple forms, and either show/hide them or use JavaScript to invoke them.

    3) Your new IFrame blocks UI on whatever app the user is trying to run in their browser. Whatever site they’re accessing, you’re pulling this IFrame up over other controls.

    4) Keep me logged in means something different for your Metro app than what it means to me. It appears you’ve got a lot of issues with tombstoning. For example, you’ll lose the password even if the box is marked to save it, and you’ll retain the search phrase — but not actually filter entries on it.

    5) To log into Deltek time and expense, and some other sites, I need to provide username, password and domain. I have these set up for those sites in LastPass. However, 3.0 is popping the user name into both fields and ignoring the field value that I’ve asked to be put in the specific field I need it in.

    6) Handling for one time passwords including eBay two-factor, amazon two-factor, PayPal two-factor, Microsoft two-factor and Google two-factor authenticators sucks. LastPass tends to not handle this well on any site that uses it.

    Right now, I’m looking into alternatives because this really has me ticked off. Why I’m paying for premium, when the current experience is unusable…

    I’m looking right now at flipping back to 2.5, because it at least worked most of the time and I could work around the handful of sites where it wasn’t working…

    And then I’m looking at cancelling premium and moving to some other product long term — some product that understands its job is to stay out of the way, and to be as uninvasive as possible, and just to work.

    • Al G. says:


      “Clickable star” is actually not clickable on every banking site that I use. It just does nothing and manual copy-paste is the only way.

      I can’t imagine how this can pass QC/QA.

      Rolled back to 2x and looking at alternatives.

  • Anonymous says:

    Another request for the ios refresh; can the built in browser support swiping left/right to go forward/back like safari?

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above. Without spending hours reading & understanding the tutorial, LastPass does not work intutively, as it used to.

  • Bobby H says:

    I don’t know what happenned to the Last Pass I loved, but I truly hate the new version. I am having so much trouble with just checking my back account. It seems to want to save pages that were part of the acct verification so that I can change it and now this very annoying and in the way popup gets right in my way. I was not able to log into my checking or my Google Adwords acct….basically it went from great to a kind of malware.

  • Henry says:

    I use Chrome on a PC. The upgrade doesn’t usually work. If I try to open the vault I get an error message that freezes the PC interface – can;t work with it and likely will drop Lastpass soon.

  • Thomas Brod says:

    MacbookPro Retina View OS 10.9 Mavericks. LastPass opens up a box with invisible content that obscures the log-in screens of new pages. I have to go to the Vault and copy in the log-in info. Seems to happen on all my Mavericks machines. Annoying!

  • How do I stop Lastpass from opening new windows and asking me to change my master password?

  • Anonymous says:

    Love the UI in LP 3.0 but missing the option to autofill in matching site found in 2.0, now autofill requires 1 more click. Please add autofill option in matching site alongside “copy password” and “copy username”, thank you!

  • Amber Gott says:

    Please use our tool here: if you do prefer the previous experience with the notification bars.

    Let us know if we can be of further help.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, please keep the old way as an option to choose!!!!! I will delete the new version soon, in case there are no changes in the usability.

  • Martin says:

    I didn’t use to have to find the fields on the page in order to operate LastPass. Now, with the icons in the form fields, I actually have to hunt around to find the right fields to use. This is especially a pain with pages that include signup and signin forms next to each other. I prefer the global control of the notification bar — please keep the old way as an option! The new LastPass slows me down.

  • Kevin says:

    Hello! Are there plans to develop LastPass 3.0 for Opera? If so, when could we expect it? Thanks!

  • Tony says:

    Sad to say, v3 seems to be a step backwards. Autofill has stopped working entirely and the new context menu is only useful for copy/paste login which is hardly the way forward. Have downgraded to v2 and am looking at alternatives. Shame.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to get tooltips for the icons you’re displaying on forms now too? When there are multiple icons, it can be difficult without previous experience to know what means what.

    • Amber Gott says:

      Thanks, I’ll offer this suggestion to the development team.

    • mxx says:

      Yes, this is a badly needed feature…I say that as a 3year ‘veteran’ of LastPass.
      Your decision to go with a monochrome theme and somewhat abstract icons make it very difficult to know what they do other than by click-exploring them and then memorizing. Tooltips for many parts of LastPass’ interface are really necessary now.

    • Unknown says:

      I agree. Without tooltips, it’s hard to know what is what. I actually don’t want the option to try to generate a new password at a login screen! I find that disturbing. I can’t think of a single website that I use that even ALLOWS one to change the password at a login screen!

  • Unknown says:

    The ability to search logins was removed in 3.0. As an Enterprise user, that was the only way to find logins for Google. Any chance we can get that added back?

    Overall a fan, just missing a feature that use to be there.

    • Amber Gott says:

      If you click the LastPass icon, a search field should be visible at the top of the menu – does that give quick access to your accounts? After searching, clicking on an entry will launch it and attempt autologin.

    • Unknown says:

      Ah… as I was not seeing the logins under the LastPass icon, didn’t realize the search was still there. Thanks!

    • Unknown says:

      Well, not quite the same as before, as it does not search Matching Sites. I’d suggest adding the search to the new in-field pop-up. Or add to the “Show Matching Sites” menu.

    • Amber Gott says:

      It would be great to bring back search in the autofill menu. Hopefully we can incorporate this again.

  • Richard West says:

    Sometimes I notice that LastPass is overlaying the “*” symbol in a field, such as a user name that might have an “X” in that position to clear the field values.

    The also happens on a password field. LastPass is overalaying the “*” where the half circle dot icon appears that will show the entered characters for a password before you remove focus from that field.

    It can get a little confusing seeing these icons overlap each other.

    Is there anything that I can adjust on my side to help with this?

  • Markus Jork says:

    I also like LastPass 3.0. But there is still a confusing mix of old and new. After I use the new UI as explained above to save a site, I’m then getting a notification bar on top that asks me again to save the site.

    So I tried to look at the Preferences -> Notifications options to see what I need to change to avoid that. But when I click the help icon on that settings dialog, I get a totally outdated user manual that does not describe the latest settings.

    I guess some cleanup would be in order now.

    • Amber Gott says:

      Hi Markus: Noted, we’re still working to update our documentation.

      You can uncheck the Show Save Site Notification Bar option, if you’re comfortable with just the field icons now; some things are being phased out gradually as we transition.

  • Punch says:

    Loving LastPass 3.0. It is a huge improvement and much more intuitive to use. Thank You

    • Amber Gott says:

      We’re glad to hear that! If you’re using it in Chrome, be sure to leave a review :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Good, informative post but why are you mixing up “you” and “I”? Directly address the reader throughout the whole thing to make it read better …