Local to DC? We’re Hiring!

Hey LastPass-ers,

Are you local to the Washington DC-metro area? Do you love LastPass? Are you a customer support rock star? We’re hiring for our Support Team and we want to hear from you!

At LastPass, we’re passionate about technology, about our product and brand, and about how we can help improve people’s online lives in a meaningful way. We’re a committed, driven team, and we love what we do. Our Support Team works hard to solve problems, help our customers, and make our product better.

The job includes:

  • Supporting our customers (via email, web tickets, phone, IM)
  • Supporting our Enterprise clients
  • Software testing (Windows, Mac, Linux, and smart phones)
  • Compiling product recommendation reports

This position requires a strong technical aptitude and the ability to listen, respond, and see through customer-facing technical support inquiries. Your degree doesn’t matter – we’re looking for people who are smart, driven, likable, and willing to contribute and learn. The position is one that will let you grow and take on new responsibilities over time.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Spends their waking hours on the Internet and loves tinkering with browsers, operating systems, and smart phones
  • Has excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Is familiar with cloud applications and software technologies
  • Has a strong work ethic
  • Demonstrates a commitment to our community and brand
  • Is in the Fairfax, VA-area (DMV region)

LastPass headquarters are based in Fairfax, Virginia, centrally located near the nation’s capital and easily accessible by public transport. Employees enjoy flexible work hours, flexible holidays, and a great benefits package. A weekly company-sponsored lunch and regular ping pong tourneys keeps things relaxed.

Interested? Be sure to try LastPass and Xmarks, then send your cover letter and resume to jobs@lastpass.com.

Even if you’re not looking for a job, please post this, tweet it, share it, forward it, send it to any friends and family who may be interested!


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  • I think you need to hire at least one good Interaction Designer. You have such a good product but you have a horrible User interface for mobile and even desktop(web). I can give you free service for mobile design and desktop. I had shown many basic usability issues in your designs. The visual design, information design and mobile interactions can be improved a lot. People will pay you (including me) even $25 per year.

  • MrFred says:

    Sweet. Let me know when you’re looking for developers.

  • Lars says:

    Let me know when you need someone for the Los Angeles area.. :)
    Congrats on the recent expansion.

  • Unknown says:

    Love your product, but I don’t know if I could recommend it to anyone while that picture is on your site! It sure make me glad I DON’T work in your office. What the heck happens to women when someone pulls out a camera?

  • korg says:

    Loved the picture!

  • Anonymous says:

    Darn. I live in Tampa, FL and have been using your services for quite a while. I do meet all the requirements except the location.

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