3 Tips for Creating Security-Savvy Teams

For the 3rd week of National Cyber Security Awareness month, we’re thinking about cyber security education, and how to help our workforce be more security-savvy. There’s certainly a need to educate more cyber security professionals who can lead these efforts, but we should also need to be sharing our knowledge with those around us now. We can help our colleagues by giving tips for better protecting their personal information online, and provide them with suggestions for tools to do so successfully.

If you’re reading this post, we’re guessing you have a pretty good understanding of how to protect yourself online. That knowledge could also go a long way in educating your colleagues (or your family) in how to better protect themselves.

Here’s 3 tips to get you started helping your coworkers and others, which in turn helps us create a more informed workforce when it comes to online security:

  1. Test their knowledge. The STOP.THINK.CONNECT initiative has created a great presentation to quiz your knowledge on online safety, security, and ethics. Have an informal presentation of the quiz over a lunch hour, or have a “security huddle” with family (even virtually) to walk through the quiz and the answers.
  2. Post actionable tips where people will see them. Staysafeonline.org has dozens of posters, handouts, and tip sheets for you to share with others and hang up on your walls. Post them on community boards or near communal workstations. Even better, schedule a few minutes each week to walk through each bullet point of their Tips & Advice sheet, so you all can get up to speed and be prepared moving forward. 
  3. Get them started with a password manager. National Cyber Security Awareness Month touches on the importance of strong, unique passwords that are securely stored, and this is best accomplished with a password manager like LastPass. Do your colleagues and family know that with LastPass you only have to worry about creating and remembering one strong master password, and that LastPass does the rest of the hard work of typing, remembering, and creating passwords? Refer others to LastPass for Premium credit today: https://lastpass.com/friendemail.php

How have you been helping to spread your knowledge of online safety for Cyber Security Awareness Month? What great resources have you found for helping colleagues and family?