iCab Mobile Browser Now Supports LastPass

By September 27, 2013 Mobile 11 Comments

We’re excited to announce that iCab, a leading mobile browser for iOS, has been updated with LastPass support!

With iCab’s update to 7.2, available for $1.99 from the App Store, LastPass Premium users can now enjoy direct integration with the browser, with the ability to save new sites, fill logins stored in LastPass, and fill forms with LastPass profiles.
When you launch the browser, you can login and out of your LastPass account from iCab’s settings (the gear icon). The LastPass icon will then show in the iCab URL bar, which is actually a clickable menu. From the menu, you can save a new site, fill a form with an existing profile, fill a login saved in LastPass, or launch the LastPass.com site.


iCab is a robust browser, with features that include:

  • File uploads: Upload photos and other files from web pages like Flickr and Facebook
  • Searching: Set a default search engine
  • Filter: Built-in, customizable, URL-based filter to help block banners
  • Tabs: Open multiple web pages at once, and can be saved so they’re reopened on browser launch
  • Bookmarks: Organize bookmarks in folder, and import/export from or to your PC/Mac
  • Downloads: Built-in download manager so you can download most files from the Internet
  • and More: With a unique “Scrollpad” for instant scrolling, a password lock option, Dropbox support, and more, iCab is a full-featured browser that’s worth checking out!

And now with LastPass, you’ll be able to enjoy easy access to your stored data while taking advantage of iCab’s unique features.

From Jamie Q, who left a review on the App Store: 

“This is the greatest browser I’ve used on iOS at all. I love the tabs and the download/upload manager!!! Plus, the Lastpass integration is amazing!!”


iCab is available for $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 5.1 or later. Use of LastPass on iCab requires a LastPass Premium subscription. For $12 per year, LastPass Premium unlocks access to all mobile apps and features, plus added security and portability options. Premium also supports the ongoing maintenance and development of the service.

Note that multifactor authentication is not currently supported on iCab. If you have multifactor authentication enabled on your account, and have restricted mobile login, you’ll receive an error that the device is restricted.